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Quality Control & Assurance Templates


Quality managers perform a quality inspection in order to check and measure products or services and whether they meet the required results. Considering the effectiveness of a company's quality management system (QMS) you can assess whether it meets ISO 9001 requirements.

Quality inspection templates are essential tools for any business that wants to ensure the highest quality of its products, services, and processes. Quality control and assurance templates are used to monitor and measure the performance of a product or service, as well as to assess the performance of the entire system.

Below is our list of quality control templates covering a range of different aspects. Conducting an inspection, will minimize errors and will allow you to always operate at high levels of productivity. In order to perform standardized inspections using quality inspection tools like digital templates will be your first choice. A template will guide you step by step through the inspection.

Use this air quality walkthrough inspection checklist to ensure the safety of the facility by identifying hazards and assigning corrective actions to mitigate them.
Use a balcony inspection checklist to make sure your exterior structures are properly maintained and up to code.
Identify with this business continuity plan template the business functions at risk and outline the roles and responsibilities.
Use this call center quality assurance checklist to assist judge calls and note if representatives followed approved call protocols.
This equipment commissioning checklist is used for the commissioning of burners/boilers in an industrial or commercial power plant.
Improve food safety and quality by using this quality assurance checklist template in your cafe, restaurant or hotel. This checklist includes hygiene, temperature, and many other areas.
This manufacturing quality control checklist helps maintain standards across your operation. It includes features just as size, color, and many more.
Use this quality assurance inspection report template to check all processes of a single repair order.
This painting checklist can be used to inspect the ceilings, walls, and doors for a quality paint job. Keep customers coming back for more with this free, downloadable pdf.
Support the lean production activities of your company by using our product audit template. Customize your workflow!
Use this quality audit template to carry out a quality inspection for a product and detect defects at an early stage.
Use this template as an error collection card for your daily quality control checks.

Eliminate Quality Control and Assurance Issues with Ready-to-Use Templates

Didn’t find what you need in our library? No problem! Choose a ready-made template from the list and customize it with our flexible form builder. Lumiform is very easy to use, and absolutely no programming and design skills are required. Conduct standardized inspections and uncover more issues. With Lumiform’s digital templates, you solve issues up to 4 times quicker by assigning corrective actions to your teammates. Gain real-time visibility of all issues and inspections to prevent incidents in advance and achieve higher safety and quality standards. Benefit from smart features that make it easier to analyze insights about previous quality inspections. Conduct regular, structured inspections and meet the requirements of the quality management 100%.

Lumiform offers ready-made templates that you can easily use and customize for your next quality inspection. Check out our template library and find the right template for a comprehensive inspection. Define individual quality criteria and check items or workflows to whether they are aligned. Pull out random samples, check the product against specifications, and classify quality defects. Report all striking checks by using a digital template. It makes your daily workflow more efficient and keeps track of your quality inspections. After each inspection, all checks will be automatically summarized in a final report.