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5s Audit Checklist for Manufacturing

This 5S Manufacturing Checklist helps your business increase productivity through workplace tidiness and efficiency. This checklist can help recognise the unnecessary objects stored in the manufacturing section and assure machines, equipment, and tools are kept neat and in working order. A 5S Audit Checklist for Manufacturing is a tool used to evaluate the effectiveness of the 5S system in a manufacturing environment.

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5s Audit Checklist for Manufacturing


S1 - Sort - SEIRI

No useless things are left or deposited in the workplace.
All devices and pieces of equipment are in regularly used.
All tools, fixtures, and fittings are in regularly used.
The warehouse area is established to store broken, unusable or irregularly used items.
Standards for discarding useless items exist and are being followed.

S2 - Set in order - SEITON

Area of tools and equipment are clean and well ordered.
Area of elements and products are clear and well organized.
Labels exist to designate locations, containers, boxes, shelves and stored objects.
Proof of inventory control exists.
Dividing lines are precisely recognised and clean as per standard.
Safety equipment is clean and in good condition.

S3 - Shining - SEISO

Grounds, walls, roofs, and pipework are in good condition and free from dirt and dust.
Racks, cabinets, and shelves are kept clean.
Machines, equipment, and tools are kept clean.
Stored objects, elements, and products are kept clean.
Lighting is suitable and free from dust.
Good movement of air throughout the room (to restrict the spread of viruses).
Pest control exists and is effective.
Cleansing instruments and materials are easily accessible.
Cleaning assignments are set and being followed.

S4 - Standardize - SEIKETSU

Information displays, signs, colour coding and other signings are established.
Methods for maintaining the first three S's are being represented.
5S checklists, plans, and routines are defined and being applied.
Everyone understands his/her duties, when and how.
Regular audits are implemented using checklists and measures.

S5 – Sustain - SHITSUKE

5S seems to be the way of life rather than just a routine.
Success stories are being displayed (i.e. before and after pictures).
Rewards and appreciation is part of the 5S system.


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A 5S Audit Checklist for Manufacturing is a tool used to ensure that a work area is well organized, safe, and productive. It helps to identify and address issues that can impede workflow and increase costs. The 5S Audit Checklist consists of five sections, each focusing on a different area of the workplace: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Each section has specific criteria which must be met in order to achieve a safe, organized and productive environment. The audit checklist also includes potential hazards that can be addressed to prevent costly accidents and injuries. By following a 5S Audit Checklist, manufacturers can ensure a safe, productive and cost-effective workplace.

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