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5S Office Checklist

Use this 5S Office Checklist to inspect the cleanliness, order, and structure of your plants. This checklist will assist you to guarantee that the cabinets, shelves, and files have signs to provide immediate identification. Distinguish if displays are neat, free of clutter, and updated. Use Lumiform to add comments and recommendations on how to keep a clean and organized office.

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5S Office Checklist


S1 – Sort – SEIRI

No unnecessary reference elements, documents, drawings, etc.
The warehouse area is set to store unneeded items and old documents.
There are standards for eliminating useless items exist and they are being followed.
No excess items of equipment, documents, etc.

S2 – Set in order – SEITON

All devices and tools are stored in a fixed place.
Devices and equipment are well organized for the efficiency of taking and return.
Safety equipment is quickly accessible and in good condition.
Labelling of cabinets, shelves and folders allows direct identification.
Desks and cabinets are free of accumulations of documents and other objects.
Documents are filed in accordance with the Record Retention Guidelines.
Displays are tidy, free of clutter, labelled and updated.

S3 – Shining – SEISO

Trash bins are emptied on a regular basis.
Racks and furniture are kept clean and are in good condition.
The floor is kept clean and has no signs of damage.
Equipment and tools are kept clean, neat and in good condition.
Desks, tables and other furniture are kept clean
Lighting is enough and the angle and depth of illumination are suitable.
Walls and roofs are in good condition and free from dirt and dust.
Good movement of air exists through the room.

S4 – Standardize – SEIKETSU

Visual controls and presentation boards are used and periodically updated.
Methods for maintaining the first three S's are being presented.
5S checklists, plans and routines are defined and being used.
Everyone understands his/her responsibilities, when and how.
Routine audits are taking place using checklists and measures.

S5 – Sustain – SHITSUKE

5S seems to be a way of life rather than just a routine.
Success stories are being presented (i.e. before and after pictures).
Rewards and appreciation is part of the 5S system.


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