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General templates

Enhance your operations with Lumiform’s versatile templates. Ensure efficiency, safety, and compliance with customizable digital solutions that streamline workflows and promote operational excellence across various industries.
This template is an excellent guide for observing how managers coach their direct employees.
Use this 5 Whys template to determine the root cause of a problem so that your business teams can prevent encountering them again.
Use this 5S audit checklist to assure that 5S principles and set standards are being observed.
Support the improvement of cleanliness, order, safety, quality and efficiency at work with this template for the 5S method.
Use this 5S office checklist to inspect the cleanliness, order, and structure of your plants.
Use this lean 6s audit checklist template to take a tour of your business using the lean 6 method. A report is then automatically generated.
Use the 6S lean manufacturing walk template to implement the 6S method in your company and benefit from the method every day.
With this 6S safety checklist, you can identify hazards or potential risks.
Use this accident incident report form to write a complete accident report.
Use this accident report template for the first aid report and subsequent evaluation. Describe the accident and record the statements of witnesses.
With the help of a gap analysis, strategic and operational gaps in the company's objectives can be identified.
Use this AED maintenance checklist template to verify that your device is working properly and is ready for use.

Lumiform templates

In any industry, maintaining high standards for efficiency, safety, and compliance is crucial. General checklists are essential tools for managing diverse tasks, from employee satisfaction and workplace safety to risk management and compliance audits. Lumiform’s digital templates and workflow automation tools help your managers and frontline workers improve efficiency, achieve compliance, and optimize processes. With features like real-time updates, customizable reports, QR code integration, and offline functionality, Lumiform ensures your operations run smoothly and meet all regulatory requirements. Our extensive template library includes employee satisfaction surveys, workplace safety inspections, risk management assessments, fire extinguisher checks, and diversity audits, tailored to help you adhere to best practices across multiple areas.  
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