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Housekeeping Checklist Template

You can use this Housekeeping SOP Checklist for hotel room inspections. Check all parts of the guest room and if everything is working appropriately.
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Housekeeping Checklist Template

Guest Room Inspection

Instructions: 1. Follow this SOP for hotel room inspection by replying ✔ or X. 2. If the answer is X, take action to fix/replacement/procure the required parts. Then reply ✔ when the action is complete. 3. If you are not able to repair/replacement/supply the necessary parts, go to "Action" to contact the appropriate department/person.

Guest Room

When entering the guest room, check that:

Windows can be opened and closed properly"

Windows are free of any cracks

Window glass is clean

The curtains are straight and in perfect working order

The air conditioning filter is clean

The doors work properly

Light switches work

All lights are working

Bedspreads are free of any rips and stains

The bedspreads are straight

The beds are neatly made

Wall lights are working

All furniture is free from scratches or stains

The walls are free of scratches and damage

The lampshades are clean and straight

The cushions are fluffed and correctly positioned

The mattresses are firm

The upholstery is clean and in good condition

The walls and ceilings are clean and free of cobwebs

Drawers slide out easily

All Luggage racks are in good condition

At least six hangers are available? (3 for suits, 3 dresses)

Frames and mirrors are straight

The curtains are partially closed

The telephone is working

All Ashtrays are clean

Air conditioner/heater controls are functioning properly


After you check the guest room, check the bathroom and make sure:

The shower rod works and is in good condition

The bathroom is free of unpleasant odors.

Fresh towels are available

Shower curtain is clean

The toilet seat is clean on both sides

Toilet flushes work properly

No visible dirt, dust etc on the floor?

The drain is clean

The tiles are free of water stains

The shower and/or tub is free of grout

Guest Room Amenities

Instructions: 1. Check if the following items are in place and fill them in if they are not available. 2. If you cannot fill up the missing articles, communicate that to the responsible department/person via the function "Action".

Marketing material

Tourist brochures

Guest directory

Food and drink menu

Report card about experience


Three glasses

One litter basket

One memo pad with hotel pen

One ice bucket


Two toilet rolls

Three bath towels

Three face towels

One bottle of shampoo

Two bars of soap

A bath mat

A Hairdryer


A coffee maker

A tea bag

Two coffee cups

A filter pack decaffeinated

A filter pack coffee

An ironing board

An iron

A fridge

Guest Room Settings


Before leaving the guest room, finally, assure that:

The Lights are turned off

All windows are closed

Television is off with remotes ready

Heating is set at 18 degrees


Before you leave the bathroom, assure that:

Toilet lid is down

The drain is open

The shower curtain is centered

The lights are off

All sinks are off

Shower head is facing the wall

The bathroom door is open

Signature of housekeeper/cleaner

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