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5S Checklist for Housekeeping

Use this General 5S Housekeeping Checklist to organize workspaces so your employees can work safely, efficiently and effectively. Start your 5S inspection by defining the type of work and attach a picture of the workspace before progressing with the 5S inspection. Evaluate each principle (sort out, set in order, shine, standardize, and maintain) then attach pictures of red-tagged items and allocate a place for all the materials required for your work. Consolidate daily cleaning methods and build a standard in setting up a clean workplace. Finally, all training and other programs should be achieved to sustain workplace organization. Finish the inspection by providing recommendation and overall rating.
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5S Checklist for Housekeeping



define the type of work:

Take a picture of the workspace and attach it here:

Use these score criteria for your inspection:3 - You're able to maintain it.2 - This is being complied more systematically.1 - It is done but not systematically and regularly.0 - Not at all.N/A - Not Applicable


Is the ground free of unwanted objects?

REFERENCE: The ground is free of unwanted objects.[This is an example of how you can use Lumiform to include best practice reference images in your templates to support your inspections]

Are tops and insides of all cupboards, shelves, tables, etc. free of unwanted objects?

Are objects deposited according to frequency of use?

Are walls clear of old posters, calendars, pictures etc.?

Is there a general clutter-free appearance?

Attach photo(s) of red tagged objects.


Are direction signs in place to all plants from the entrance onwards?

Do all pieces of equipment have identification tags?

Are all rooms, cubicles and comparable areas clearly numbered or identified?

Are special areas for garbage/rejects/waste, etc. divided?

Are switches, fan controls, etc. labelled?

Are all cables, wires, pipes etc. clean and orderly?

Is colour coding applied effectively for simple identification?

Is there an appearance of orderliness?

Is it easy to find any item/document without delay?

Find and allocate a place for all the supplies required for your work.


Are cleaning schedules available and displayed?

Are floors, walls, windows doors etc. maintained at a high level of cleanliness?

Is use of adequate cleaning tools evident?

Are machines, equipment, tools, furniture maintained at a high level of cleanliness and their maintenance schedules displayed?

Is there a general appearance of cleanliness all round?


Is a regular checklist used to systematise 5s methods?

Are standard checklists applied to regularly examine 5S?

Are labels, notices etc. systematised?

Do pathways have a standard size and colour?

Are pipes, cables etc. colour coded?


Is there a system in place for how and when the 5S activities will be performed?

Does management provide assistance to 5S programme by identification, resources and leadership?

Have first 3S become a part of the everyday work?

Do workers show positive engagement in 5S activities?

Are 5S posters and 5S points of work reminders presented?

Are trainings and other programs performed to sustain workplace system?


Any recommendations?

Overall Rating:

Name and Signature of the Inspector:

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