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Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template

Keeping the hospital clean and sanitized between patients can help cut back on hospital-acquired infections. This includes the management and disposal of human and biological waste. Use this hospital housekeeping checklist to easily specify the unit and room to be cleaned.

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Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template

Hospital Housekeeping Checklist

Room Number

Before entering room

Check isolation status
Perform hand hygiene
Don appropriate PPE
Place wet floor sign in front of the door
Check the sharps container (change if necessary)
Empty and clean the trash container (handle plastic bags from the top)

Patient bed

Raise and wipe down arm rails – high touch area
Wipe foot of bed
Discard the rag and proceed with a clean one after cleaning the bed

Move clockwise from the door and sanitize all equipment

Ledges (below shoulder height)
Door handles, knobs – high touch surfaces
Light switches – high touch surfaces
Call box – high touch surfaces
Telephone – high touch surfaces
Computer keyboard – high touch surfaces
Window sills and ledges
Soiled linen hamper lid
In-room patient sink and faucet
In-room soap dispenser and paper rag dispenser
Biohazard can
Dry erase marker
Overbed table – high touch surfaces
Patient chairs – high touch surfaces
Bedside tables – high touch surfaces
All other easily accessible wall mounted equipment
Clean commode frame and seat cover last

Patient restroom

Clean mirror with glass cleaner and wipe dry with a paper towel
Light switches – high touch surfaces
Door handles, knobs – high touch surfaces
Hand rails – high touch surfaces
Sink and sink counter – high touch surfaces
Clean soap and paper towel dispensers
Wipe shower or tub
Spot walls
Clean commode frame and seat cover
Change rags before cleaning the toilet


Toilet paper dispenser
Toilet flusher – high touch area
Toilet seat – high touch area
Under the bowl
Toilet rim
Clean inside of bowl with disinfectant cleaner and toilet brush

Before leaving room

Remove gloves and perform hand hygiene
Restock supplies
Mop floor
Perform hand hygiene
Remove wet floor sign after the floor has dried


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Hospital Housekeeping Checklist Template: Maintaining Clean and Safe Healthcare Facilities

A hospital housekeeping checklist template is a valuable resource that ensures cleanliness and safety in healthcare facilities. It serves as a structured document to guide housekeeping staff in performing their duties effectively, maintaining hygiene standards, and preventing the spread of infections.

The checklist typically includes essential tasks such as surface cleaning and disinfection, waste management, restroom sanitation, handling of biohazardous materials, and maintenance of common areas. It outlines specific cleaning procedures, recommended cleaning agents, and frequencies for each task.

By using a hospital housekeeping checklist template, healthcare facilities can uphold high cleanliness standards, reduce healthcare-associated infections, and create a safe environment for patients, visitors, and staff. The checklist aids in ensuring consistent cleaning practices, improving efficiency, and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. Regular review and updates of the checklist promote continuous improvement in housekeeping procedures and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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