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Safer storage with a 5s warehouse checklist

A 5S warehouse checklist improves the safety in your warehouse constantly. This can be achieved by eliminating waste from warehouse making. This template checks if floors, loading docks, and storage areas are freed from obstacles or blockages. Furthermore, forklift, materials, supplies, and boxes can be checked, in case they are stored in their proper places. Use Lumiform to assign corrective action to other workers and address areas for improvement and implement your warehouse management system.

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Criteria: EXCELLENT: Abide by the criteria without exception. AVERAGE: Abide by the criteria with a minimal exception. POOR: Does abide by the criteria.
Are there any unused machines or other equipment laying around?
Is the floor free of all tools, spare parts, and supplies?
Are all waste supplies in the right skips?
Are customer packaging stored safety and in correct locations/containers?
Is unnecessary equipment and machinery excluded from the area?
Are the grounds in 'common areas' clear of trash and debris?
Are old inventory and raw material excluded from the area Ike under the table?
Are materials, parts or components moved in a timely way?
Is the work in process arranged so as to reduce travel time and other kinds of waste?
Are tripping hazards and barriers excluded from the area?
Is the work in process inventory decreased to the least possible amount?
Are paths, doorways, electrical panels, and fire extinguishers released from material and blockages?
Are shelves clearly labelled with location?
Are finished goods stacked to correct number of boxes?
Are warehouse places for work in the process designated and registered?
Are all unused vehicles and forklifts parked in the chosen area?
Is stock rotation (FIFO) being adhered to?
Are team notice/announcement boards current and in good order?
Are workplaces, storage areas, and equipment surroundings precisely labelled, marked, and/or footprinted if required?
Are warehouse places for tools and equipment designated and registered?
Is machine, storage equipment and columns recognised and numbered?
Are all pipes, controls and gauges classified and labelled to show function or purpose?
Are Sub-Con locations clearly identified?
Are work surfaces clean and orderly?
Is there a person (stores supervisor) responsible for allocating cleaning duties?
Are machines clean, neat and in good repair?
Is the set standard being sustained?
Are recycling containers located as required with trash and recycling being controlled in the region?
Are floors and tools in the area free of dirt/grease or fluids?
5S holding and disposal areas are well sustained?
Are floors, exits & entrances kept clear, clean and free of objects or waste?
Are slot places free of empty pallets and trash?
Are slot locations in pick ready state?
Are slot places free of hanging shrink wrap or banding?
Are concerns constantly being reacted to?
Are visual safety signs and floor markings used to identify danger in the area?
Have analyses been taken and documented?
Is there an established work in place containing quality checks, and use of work stations?
Are Operation Standards documented, understandable and actively used?
Are shine maps available and workers informed of their responsibilities?
Are concerns constantly being assembled?
Are boxes and items property recognised and labelled?
Is equipment labelled and in place?
Is everyone sufficiently trained in 5S procedures?
Are utensils being stored correctly?
Are times being adhered to?
Is there a cleaning routine and are ail toots and materials available?
Are supplier shipment times adhered to?
Are all start-up safety checks taken and documented?
Is everyone inside the area wearing proper personal protection equipment?
Are unused devices, equipment, raw materials and work property stored?
Are emergency maps, labels, and equipment visible and belongings stored in the area?
Are improving actions from 5S audit classified and adhered to?
Are workers receiving weekly feedback on their 5S works?
Is there proof of the 5S daily checklist being used and refreshed 5S audit scores on the team board?
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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