Warehouse safety checklist

Implement a warehouse safety checklist to ensure that your organization complies with current regulations and safety and quality standards.

Go paperless, conduct inspections easily and solve issues quicker with your teammates.

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Warehouse Inspection Checklist

Use this template to perform warehouse inspections.

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Warehouse Security Inspection

Use this list to continuously perform safety checks and inspections of the warehouse and distribution site.

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Warehouse Walkthrough Checklist

Use this template before the shift starts to determine if all regulations are met.

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What is a warehouse safety checklist?

A warehouse safety checklist is used to enable facility managers to identify safety risks and implement preventive measures to avoid occupational accidents and errors in inventory management. Using a checklist, warehouse workers ensure that all warehouse safety checks are performed to protect both the products themselves and their own safety.

In this article we talk about the following topics:

1. Reasons to work with a warehouse safety checklist

2. Risks to warehouse safety and how to deal with them

3. Lumiform: an app to ensure security in warehouses

Reasons to work with a warehouse safety checklist

Warehouse safety is of vital importance, not only for the stability of the business but also to protect the occupational health of the workers. In a warehouse, a large number of items are stored that can be dangerous and may include the handling of heavy machinery. When you work with a checklist for warehouse safety, you establish a safety protocol that will have not only positive results in the short term but also in the long term: more safety, greater control and compliance with current regulations.

Risks for warehouse safety and how to solve them

If warehouse security has never been reviewed, it may seem a priori a very tedious task. However, below you can find the most common hazards and how to fix them according to OSHA's warehouse guidelines.

  1. Forklift - Provide training on their use to workers, check the condition of the machines and make sure that the goods are placed properly.

  2. Hazard Communication - Chemical burns are possible if hazardous materials are spilled. It informs employees about the different hazards and implements a control sheet for the handling of hazardous materials as well as an action plan in case of an accident.

  3. Loading stations - Prohibits smoking in any part of the warehouse or its surroundings, checks the ventilation system and the PPE required to ensure the safety of workers.

  4. Ergonomic problems - It tries to replace manual work with machinery that allows for the transport of materials, trains employees in proper practices for handling loads and ensures that the floor and passage areas are free of obstacles at all times.

  5. Material storage - Stack materials safely and rigidly to prevent falls, position the heaviest products on the medium and low shelves; make sure workers only carry one load on each trip.

Lumiform: an app to ensure security in warehouse

Individual digital forms

The flexible form construction kit makes it possible to create new individual checklists at any time and to adapt them again and again.

First class customer service

Lumiform's excellent 24/5 support will reliably answer all your questions about the app when you need assistance using Lumiform’s software.

Scheduling and notifications

The Lumiform App ensures that the schedule is kept. All employees receive notifications about the procedure and due dates. Managers automatically receive notifications when assignments are overdue and problems have occurred.

Time-defined work steps

Keep an eye on your schedule and use the information to identify opportunities to increase your efficiency.

Faster identification and resolution of problems

The data you collect from inspections is collected under the Analysis Tab. Here you can access all data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location and department. This helps you quickly identify causes and problems so you can fix them as quickly as possible.

Track inspections in facilities over time

Monitor your team's inspection performance and identify opportunities to improve the process and efficiency of your operations.


Connect Lumiform's software to enterprise software systems.

Time-defined targets

Keep an eye on what's happening and identify insights from the information gained to increase your efficiency.