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How to perform incoming goods inspections

Let this video walk you through the reason for and process behind incoming goods inspections. Inspecting incoming goods is a necessary part of quality assurance in any business

If your business relies on outside suppliers for products or materials, it’s essential you’re able to verify the quality of shipments. Especially if it’s your first time working with a supplier, incoming goods inspections make sure that you get the quality you paid for. Quality control processes like an incoming goods inspection help avoid production delays or subpar results.

Inspecting incoming goods is especially important if your business operates in catering, manufacturing, retail, logistics, or shipping. Perform these quality checks at all stages of production, from initial delivery all the way to final product. At each stage, you’ll use a different form of incoming goods inspection so that you can audit manufacturing processes and final results as well as raw materials.

Learn the essentials of incoming goods inspections as quality management, including:

  • Why you inspect incoming goods
  • Pre-production inspections
  • In-line inspections
  • Final inspections

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