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Assure quality in your restaurant with an HACCP incoming goods inspection

The incoming goods inspection is part of the HACCP concept, which is a flexible tool for ensuring food safety. It is intended to identify, evaluate and control the risks to food safety and thus to the health of the consumer that are present in the operational process, thus enabling constant monitoring of weak points.

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Incoming Good Inspection
CRITICAL LIMITS: - Temperatures: Frozen goods: -18 °C short-term -15 °C, meat/meat products +4 °C, fish: +2°C, minced meat from EU farms +2°C, poultry/ game/ minced meat +4°C, minced meat from EU farms unopened +2°C - Sensors: no impurities, perfect packaging, perfect smell, valid best before dates, condition of delivery vehicle, driver - corrective action: rejection of the goods
Which product do you control?
Best before date
Best before date sufficient?
Visual impression
Pest infestation
Other spoilage
Cleanliness and appearance of cars and Driver
Foodstuffs in need of refrigeration
Is it refrigerated food?
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