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Daily inspection of warehouse safety

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Are aisles properly marked?
Do you maintain the standard width of aisles?
Are aisles clear of obstructions?
Do you maintain cleanliness?
Is there adequate housekeeping?
Is there adequate drainage?
Are floors and surfaces clean, free of obstruction and slippery materials?
Safe working limits
Rack load signs posted
Racks conform to these signs
Uprights and footplates
Uprights not damaged, i.e not twisted/no splits or cracks
If an upright was replaced due to damage, the footplate is replaced; and splices in good condition
Splices in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical specifications
Racks stable, i.e., on a flat, level foundation
Racking braces not damaged/bent
Floor anchors installed and not damaged
Footplate replaced if a floor anchor was replaced due to damage
Beams not overloaded
Beams show no sign of deflection
Beams connect at an upright and beam connectors reasonably parallel
Beams not damaged
Beam connectors and safety clips are complete
Beam connectors and safety clips are undamaged
No beams pop out of their upright
Welds are undamaged
Signage and stickers are legible/capacity plate present
Wheels and tires are not worn and good air pressure
Forks/backrest/mast/chains/rollers: no damage, good working condition
Battery: charge is good, connections not loose
Engine; not rough, no noise or leaks
Fluid levels good: oil, fuel and radiator
Lights: headlights and warning lights working
Horn: loud and working
Fluid leaks: no damp spots or drips on ground
Seatbelt: good working condition, no damage
Steering; good working condition
Tilt/sideshift: loose, no leaks, doesn’t stick
Propane tank (if applicable): secured, connections tight, hose in good condition
Brakes: foot, parking in good working condition
Gauges working
Are stair railings in good condition?
Are hand rail provided on stairs with 4 or more risers?
Are risers in proper and uniform height?
Are standard railings provided on stairway floor opening?
Are railings in place and secured?
Are there enough building exits?
Are there signs posted on exits?
Are there power supplies for emergency use?
Are exit signs and hallways well lighted and in proper standards?
Are exits unlocked?
Are fixed ladders enclosed with cage or basket guard?
Are ladders equipped with safety shoes?
Are there no splinters or sharp edges on ladders?
Are step ladders not longer than 20’?
Scaffolding can carry the maximum intended load safely
Air Emissions
Are warning signs posted in areas where carbon monoxide might be present?
Work Environment
Are lightings adequate on all work areas?
Are acceptable noise levels maintained?
Are exhaust stacks and air intakes located away from potential sources of contamination?
Material Handling
Are safe clearances from equipments maintained?
Are passages marked and clear of obstructions?
Are daily inspection maintained for mechanical equipments or vehicles?
Are vehicles inspected/turned on-off before and after use/loading?
Are materials stored securely and in stable condition?
Ensure that bridge plates are used for vehicles and docks operations
Ensure that movements of trucks and trailers are secured during operations
Fire Protection
Are fire extinguishers accessible?
Are fire extinguishers in good condition and inspected regularly?
Are emergency numbers posted on the phone?
Are there adequate containers for flammable materials, rags and wastes disposal?
Are sprinkler heads clearance maintained according to fire security policies?
Personal Protective Equipment
Are hard hats provided and worn when necessary?
Are hard hats in good condition?
Is foot protection provided when necessary?
Additional recommendation
Full Name & Signature of Inspector
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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