Safety Inspection

Identify safety risks in the workplace using the occupational safety inspection protocol as a sample.

Go paperless, conduct inspections easily and solve issues quicker with your teammates.

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General Workplace Safety Checklist

This general template is used for the evaluation of building and office workplaces.

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Safety Inspection Checklist

Use this General safety inspection checklist form to conduct effective audits and ensure a safe environment at work.

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Comprehensive Site Safety Observation Form

Use this template to check on the spot the safety of the construction site and implement improvements immediately.

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What is a checklist for occupational safety?

An occupational safety questionnaire is used for the critical safety investigation of various risks. In this way, injuries and damage can be minimized on site.

A sample occupational safety inspection protocol documents the inspection process in a clear and efficient manner and thus contributes to a thorough and regular safety guarantee.

This article deals with the topics:

1. Typical safety inspections at the workplace

2. Lumiform: Your app & software for workplace safety

typical safety inspections at the workplace

By means of an occupational safety questionnaire, inspectors can examine all activities and variables in the workplace that could pose safety risks. Each workplace should also tailor its safety inspection checklist to its environment. Typical workplace environments such as offices, construction sites or warehouses and factories require different types of inspections. Here are some examples:

  • PSA test

  • fire safety

  • Emergency evacuation

  • Equipment and device testing (e.g. forklift trucks)

Powerful tool for a checklist for occupational safety

With Lumiform's mobile app, you can easily perform any type of quality and safety inspection using a tablet or smartphone - online or offline. With the desktop software you can create checklists and evaluate the data collected in the field. This significantly reduces the risk of quality loss, accidents at work, documentation errors and damage to your reputation.

Digitize checklists and internal procedures with Lumiform:

  • The flexible checklist builder from Lumiform helps you to convert any individual paper list into a digital checklist without much effort.

  • In addition, we offer more than 9,000 ready-made templates to help companies get started digitally in no time.

  • Using the super intuitive mobile App, you and your teammates conduct check in the field with ease and in no time.

  • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital report.

  • Comprehensive analyses help you to identify inefficient areas in your company more quickly and thus to continuously improve your auditing and inspection processes.