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Worksite safety inspection

Use this template to carry out a brief safety inspection before starting work on the site.
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Worksite safety inspection


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Is PPE used (examples: eye protection, hard hats, gloves, high-visibility clothing/vests, hearing protection)?

Worksite and Traffic Control

Adequate physical barriers, signage, warning tape, bollards, spotters, etc?
Is housekeeping in good shape?
Is lighting sufficient?
Are noise controls adequate?


Positioned safely and properly secured?
In good condition and suitable for the job?

Working at Heights

Fall exposures of 6 feet or higher?
Adequate edge protection with railings or warning lines, or is personal fall protection employed?
Are aerial lifts used correctly?
Is scaffolding acceptable?

Confined Spaces

Is work taking place in a permit-required Confined Space?
Are all procedures properly implemented (entry permit, air monitoring, ventilation, LOTO, retrieval equipment, etc?

Lockout/Tagout and Machine Hazards

Are machine guards in place?
Is LOTO utilized properly?

Tools & Equipment

Are tools and equipment in good condition? (including no missing or damaged guards, power cords in good condition, ground prongs not missing, etc)
Is the correct equipment used for the job?

Electrical Hazards

Is GFCI protection used?
Minimum 10-foot distance maintained from overhead power lines?
Extension cords in good shape, protected from damage, and not used permanently? Circuits not overloaded, electrical equipment not near water, no exposed live wiring, etc?

Hot Work

Was a Hot Work Permit completed and protective measures employed?

Hoisting Equipment

Are loads being lifted?
Loads not lifted over persons, not in close proximity to obstacles, and 10-feet minimum distance from overhead power lines?
Lifting equipment, including ropes, slings, chains, hooks, appears in good condition?
Safe Working Loads are not exceeded?

Ergonomics and Injury Prevention

Are means taken to reduce risk (ergonomic tools and equipment, proper lifting, ergonomic work methods, job rotation, etc)?

Environmental Hazards

Are chemicals, including fuel, stored and transported safely?
Health hazards controlled?
Adequate dust suppression?
Adequate systems to prevent contamination of storm water drains?

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