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Construction templates

Elevate your construction site management with Lumiform’s extensive templates. Handle everything from safety audits and accident reports to equipment inspections and compliance checks effortlessly.
Air compressor maintenance checklist is used for the routine preventive inspection of air compressors.
This template is used to carry out an asbestos inspection on premises. Further action will be taken on the basis of the results.
Use the asbestos inspection report form to ensure workplace safety. This inspection is part of building maintenance and belongs in every project plan.
Use this template to assess all the risks to people and the environment associated with the removal of asbestos before starting work and to take protective measures.
Use this building condition survey template to assess the physical condition of a building. Include structural, mechanical, electrical and room-level inspections.
Use this template for an inspection of your building site. This checklist includes many features just as crane permits, vehicles, and lighting. You can report issues and make pictures of different details.
Use this technical due diligence checklist for commercial properties to list all factors and requirements to help you make an acceptable investment decision.
Use this Construction Daily Report to register the tasks for the day.
Use this construction safety compliance checklist template to carry out a compliance audit on your construction site and uncover organisational gaps.
Use this scope of work template for your construction site to plan details like deliverables, costs, tasks, etc. for projects.
Use this checklist template to inspect cranes and hoists for proper operation and safety during lifting operations before starting work.
Operators and maintenance personnel can use this daily hoist inspection checklist to ensure that hoists are safe and operational prior to starting work.

Lumiform’s construction templates

Construction templates are vital for maintaining safety, compliance, and operational efficiency on site. These templates help manage a wide range of tasks, including accident reporting, asbestos inspections, building framing inspections, and CDM audits. With Lumiform’s construction templates, your team can ensure that every aspect of the project is meticulously documented and adheres to industry standards. This not only enhances site safety but also improves workflow efficiency and regulatory compliance. Whether you’re conducting a construction safety audit, assessing dust levels, inspecting PPE, or managing toolbox talks, these templates provide the comprehensive support needed to keep your construction projects on track and safe.
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