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Excavation Risk Assessment Template

Use this excavation risk assessment to determine the dangers and risks as well as the severity and possibility of each excavation danger. This checklist is helpful in prioritising those hazards that require immediate control or removal. A reference chart is given to help categorize a hazard and assess it based on a risk assessment matrix. Provide your team with the appropriate controls and preventive measures to improve safety in the workplace.

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Excavation Risk Assessment Template


Risk Assessment

Add a hazard that you identified
Name the kind of hazard
Are there people at risk? Who?
Rate the risk:
Evaluator's actions to further decrease risk of hazard:


Name and signature of Evaluator:
Name and signature of Documentor:
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Protect Your Site from Hazards: Use an Excavation Risk Assessment Template

An excavation risk assessment template is a valuable tool for any excavation project. It provides a comprehensive overview of the risks associated with the project and helps to ensure that all safety concerns are addressed. The template should begin by outlining the project objectives and planned activities. This should include an assessment of the surrounding environment, weather conditions, and the type of soil being excavated. The assessment should also include an examination of the equipment and personnel involved in the project.

The template should then outline the safety precautions that must be taken to reduce the potential for injury or illness. This includes the use of appropriate safety equipment, the provision of appropriate training for personnel, and the implementation of risk control measures. It can provide a list of potential hazards, such as the possibility of cave-ins, contact with hazardous materials, and the risk of electric shock. Finally, the assessment should offer a detailed plan for responding to any accidents or emergencies that may occur. This should cover the evacuation of personnel, the containment of hazardous materials, and the notification of relevant authorities.

The excavation risk assessment template is an essential tool for any excavation project. It helps to ensure that all safety measures are in place and that any potential risks are addressed.

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