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Maintain your worksite with a post construction cleaning checklist template

This post construction cleaning checklist template will give you a clear idea of what to expect from a post construction cleaning service. It’s designed to be used for any type of construction site, but it can be very useful for anyone who is involved in the building or renovation process.

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Site Details
Site / Project Name
Use this audit to assess the cleanliness and housekeeping of a site. Negative responses indicate that attention is required to bring items to a satisfactory standard. Notes and photos should be attached where appropriate, particularly to At Risk items.
Ground and Floors
Do you wish to check site ground and floors at this inspection?
Are walking surfaces kept clear and free of debris?
Have trip hazards including uneven steps, potholes and uneven surfaces been eliminated?
Is debris and rubbish correctly removed and disposed in appropriate receptacles?
Are trenches covered?
Are ramps secure and adequately stabilized?
Access and Movement
Do you wish to check site access and movement at this inspection?
Are stairways and passageways free of obstructions, materials, supplies and clutter?
Are all working areas safe for access and movement by workers?
Access routes are generally orderly with hazards minimized?
Are driveways and footpaths clear of materials?
Are scaffolds clear of debris and material?
Working Areas
Do you wish to check work area housekeeping at this inspection?
Are working surfaces clean, tidy and free of liquid spills and waste?
Are work surfaces cleaned as trades work?
Are work areas free from excess materials and other hazards such as incomplete works that may pose a safety risk?
Are work areas free of excessive dust and grit?
Delivery and Storage
Do you wish to check site material storage and deliveries at this inspection?
Is there a designated area for deliveries?
Are all deliveries placed into appropriate storage?
Is equipment stored in designated areas when not in use?
Are storage areas kept free of unnecessary materials?
Are storage areas tidy and orderly?
Are items stacked appropriately (as to not create risk when adding or retrieving)?
Rubbish & Waste
Do you wish to check site rubbish and waste housekeeping at this inspection?
Are adequate bins and skips provided on site?
Are bins and skips emptied regularly?
Rubbish bins on site are being used (no loose rubbish) and are not overflowing?
Are waste items being disposed of correctly in accordance with the nature of the waste?
Are hazardous waste items stored and disposed of correctly?
General & Common Areas
Do you wish to check site common areas and general housekeeping at this inspection?
Common and office areas and generally tidy?
Are site common areas free of rubbish and waste?
Floors of common and office areas free of trip hazards?
Toilets are clean and functional?
Site is generally orderly and tidy?
General Comments
Any further comments or recommendations arising from this inspection?
Add any additional relevant photos
Have all required corrective actions been added as Actions to this inspection?
Please add any corrective actions to the appropriate questions above before completing this report
Sign Off
Name & Signature of Inspector
Name & Signature of Site Supervisor / Foreman
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Utilize a post-construction clean-up checklist to maintain cleanliness at your construction site

A thorough post-construction cleaning checklist template makes sure that nothing is overlooked, and the checklist and related records can be used as vital evidence of the cleaning so that the appropriate parties are held responsible for the cleanliness and other issues.

Lumiform’s post-construction clean-up checklist is an excellent illustration of a typical post-construction cleaning document, and you can easily modify the form to better suit your unique commercial or residential operations. It is highly customizable and digital. You can easily download Lumiform’s post-construction cleaning checklist pdf or sign up on the App and have access to the variety of features and possibilities for the effective checklist.

Post-construction cleaning is a crucial part of any project. It’s important to make sure that all debris and mess is cleaned up as soon as possible after the construction process is complete, in order to minimize potential health risks and save time and money down the road. Some of the cleaning falls on the contractors and subcontractors who often remove debris and manage the big pieces of the cleanup with labourers and their teams, while some of the finer parts of the cleaning are managed by more professional cleaning companies.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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