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Facility management templates

Keep your facilities running smoothly with Lumiform’s customizable templates. Manage everything from maintenance and safety inspections to cleaning audits with precision and ease. Tailor each template to fit your specific needs and ensure your facility operates at peak efficiency.
This is a preventative maintenance inspection checklist for air conditioner equipment. Use online for free or download as a pdf with Lumiform.
Use this air conditioning commissioning sheet to validate that packaged air conditioning units still conform with design specifications after installation onsite.
Use this compliance checklist to verify that your operations adhere to air quality regulations. Use Lumiform’s templates for free!
Use this self-audit checklist if you have machines and equipment on-site that cause air emissions.
Use this Bathroom Cleaning SOP Checklist to properly clean the bathroom and assure SOP compliance.
This boiler log sheet template is used for the daily inspection of boilers to make sure that the pressure and temperature are within the recommended range.
Use this building exterior maintenance checklist to ensure the property stay in good condition, retain their value and provide safeness.
Use this building maintenance checklist to carry out preventive maintenance to maintain the building's roofing, lighting, air conditioning and plumbing.
Use this building preventive maintenance checklist to check the roofing, lighting, HVAC, and plumbing of the building.
Use this general cleaning checklist template to conduct regular cleaning examinations.
Use this cleaning schedule template as a guide for cleaning procedures.

Lumiform’s facility management templates

Managing a facility involves juggling various tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely. Lumiform’s digital templates simplify these responsibilities, from routine maintenance and safety inspections to compliance checks. These templates help manage a wide range of tasks, including annual fire extinguisher inspections, HVAC system checks, and electrical safety reports. By utilizing Lumiform’s facility management templates, your team can ensure thorough documentation and adherence to industry standards, reducing risks and improving overall efficiency. Our templates offer real-time updates, QR code integration, offline functionality, and customizable reports, ensuring your facility meets all operational standards. Explore templates for preventive maintenance, safety inspections, and compliance audits to enhance your facility management processes.
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