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Hospital Cleaning Checklist Template

A hospital cleaning checklist is a simple guide to standardise cleaning practices. It assists you to avoid often made mistakes such as double-soaked wipes, shaken mops and more. This hospital cleaning checklist includes a sample SOP that describes in detail what hospital staff should do before, throughout and after cleaning various areas in the healthcare facility.

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Hospital Cleaning Checklist Template

Hospital Cleaning Checklist

Which area will you clean now?

Before Cleaning

Select and take necessary materials for cleaning before starting to clean the area.
Did you review further precautions symbols or signs?
Did you follow those precautions as indicated?
Wash your hands before entering the area.
Remove any items in the area before cleaning.
Did you follow the manufacturer's instructions for the exact dilution and exposure time of the cleaning and disinfecting solutions?

During Cleaning

Start with the least soiled areas and then get to the most soiled areas and start with the highest surfaces and end with the lowest surfaces.
Remove entire soil (visible to the eye) before cleaning and disinfection.
Reduce turbulence to limit the dispersion of dust that may include microorganisms.
Never shake the mops.
Use dust mop befor wet/damp mop.
Did you wash the mop under running water before doing wet mopping?
Look careful for needles and other sharp objects. Carefully take and throw away sharps into the puncture-proof container. Report incidents to the administrator.
Dip the mop only one time in the cleaning liquid. If you dip it more than once could recontaminate it!
Clean an area of 10 square meters before re-dipping the mop in the cleaning liquid.
Change the cleaning solution after sweeping an area of 20 square meters.
Change cleaning solutions following the producer’s instructions. Change it more often in heavily contaminated areas, when visibly soiled and instantly after wiping blood and body fluid spills.
Gather waste, handle plastic bags from the top, but do not compress bags with your hands
Leave the cleaned area with clean hands.

After Cleaning

All attachments of machines should be separated, emptied, cleaned and dried before depositing.
Wash the launder mops every day.
All washed mop heads must be dry prior to use.
Equipment used for cleaning and disinfecting must be washed and dried between uses.
Always use a clean sanitation cart and carts used to move biomedical waste.


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