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Office Safety Walkthrough Checklist

Use this template to visually examine the physical construction and facilities of the office. Do an inspection of the status of the building central doors and entrances, stairways and aisles, grounds, air and lighting systems, office equipment, and bulletin boards and symbols. Control emergency equipment, storage of harmful materials, and the hygiene habits in washrooms and kitchens. Control the level of security by assessing the implementation of safety and emergency systems.
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Are doors and entries clear from risks and free of any obstacles?
Does the building correspond to standards with a good look on use, occupation, building services, and plumbing equipment?
Stairways and Aisles
Are the aisles labelled and visible?
Are all stairways well lighted?
Are there handrails, handholds?
Are stairways and walkways clear and free of any obstacles?
Are floors cleaned?
Is there a warning sign every time floors are slippery, oily or wet?
Are floors clear of loose material, debris, old carpeting?
Are any places not (enough) lightened?
Are there any bulbs missing?
Are lamp reflectors clean?
Are there protectors, screens and sound-dampening tools and useful?
Are chairs not too old?
Do desks and cabinets have no sharp edges?
Are the desk and file drawers closed when they are not used?
Are ladders secure and well sustained?
Are extension cords often used?
Are electrical or telephone cords covered in locations where workers walk?
Are machines adequately guarded?
Did ergonomics pass standard regulation?
Is equipment free from sharp metal projections?
Are office accessories in safe areas?
Are filing seats or wastebaskets placed in the clear area?
Are file closets filled with the heaviest objects in the bottom drawers?
Are wall and ceiling installations set securely?
Are paper and waste accurately disposed of?
Are electrical cables adequately covered?
Are materials piled on desks or closets?
Are file closet drawers filled with their rated range?
Air Handling System
Does the system show no sources of contamination (dust, asbestos, microorganisms,...)?
Does the air exchange rate fit standard demands?
Does humidity meet standard range?
Bulletin Boards and Signs
Is the material changed regularly?
Are notice boards and symbols clean and readable?
Emergency Equipment
Is there emergency lighting and regularly checked?
Are fire control devices proper for the type of fire it must extinguish?
Are all fire control devices frequently tested and confirmed?
Dangerous Substances
Are there any regulated substances (e.g. WHMIS controlled products)?
Are washrooms and food preparation rooms always clean?
Is there enough of the following?
• toilets
• change rooms
• lunchrooms
• clothing storage
• showers
• drinking water
• field accommodations
Are there rules to stop the range of disease?
Material Storage
Are deposition shelves packed with their maximum capacity?
Are passageways and work fields unobstructed?
Are huge and heavy items deposited on lower shelves?
Are there stepladders or furniture to get to supplies on higher shelves?
Are materials organised and safely stored?
Do entry and exit procedures give employees personal protection at night?
Are there communicated emergency procedures in case of evacuation, fire, bomb threat, hostile person?
Do you have any recommendations?
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Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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