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Office Safety Inspection Checklist

Eliminated potential risks and hazards at an early stage with an office safety inspection checklist.

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Why to use an Office safety inspection checklist

In order to ensure occupational safety in the office, it is a good idea to use checklists for ensuring saftey standards. Checklists for work safety in the office include checking the safety procedures at the workplace, ergonomic assessments, assigning and instructing employees, documenting incidents and carrying out risk assessments.

Plan your working day safely and healthily, and it is worthwhile to carry out regular checks regarding work safety in the office. If you're looking for a more comprehensive look at safety in the workplace, follow the steps of a Job Safety Analysis

This article deals with:

1. The importance of the occupational safety at the office

2. 6 elements of the office safety inspection checklist

3. A mobile solution for the office safety checklist

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The Importance of Occupational Safety at the Office

Guaranteeing safety in the workplace is one of the most important duties of the employer.He not only protects his employees but thus prevents accidents at work. Workplace accidents can mean long absences from work. If the employer makes the workplace as safe as possible, he can prevent long illnesses and absences in the best case. In addition to the employee, many companies have an occupational safety specialist to assist management in implementing appropriate workplace safety. In the following, 6 test points are explained, which are especially important for occupational safety in the office.

6 elements of the office safety inspection checklist

Employers should focus on safe working practices and protocols to minimise risks that may exist in the office. Particular care should be taken when working alone in the office. If a person performs his or her work out of call and sight of others, separate measures should be taken. In general, working alone does not pose a health and safety problem. However, care should be taken to ensure that hazardous work is not performed alone. The points to consider when conducting the safety assessment for individual workers are:

1. Office space

Depending on the size of the office, the employee has a certain amount of work space available. Depending on the workplace, the law here prescribes 8 m2. In open-plan offices, this minimum size of workstations is 12 m2. There are also special requirements for the height of the office space, which must be observed. This so-called clear height may not be less than 2.50m. With the help of this clear height, it can be ensured that a proportion of daylight can enter the office rooms. This is of great importance for the general occupational safety and atmosphere in offices.

2. Arrangement of working equipment in the room

All furniture and work objects should be arranged practically in the room, especially the space for movement in the room should not be restricted. If there are objects on the floor, they must be removed to avoid injury

3. Lighting and lighting conditions

To support work safety in the office, it is important to provide adequate lighting. Spatial vision and the recognition of faces must not be restricted.

4. Indoor climate

The office should have a work-friendly room climate. The room temperature should be between 6°C and 22°C.

5. Work surface

Most of the day you spend at your desk, a comfortable workplace is essential. The size of the work surface should be large enough for productive work. The height of the table must also be adjusted according to body height to prevent back problems.

6. Office chairs

Regular use of office chairs leaves its mark. It should be regularly checked whether the office chairs are stable and stable.

A mobile solution for the office safety checklist

Downtime due to sick or injured employees can be costly. Protect your teammates and yourself by regularly checking compliance with all internal standards via mobile app. In order to make your daily work routine safe and healthy, it is worth using a checklist app. By using the office safety checklist template by Lumiform, you can avoid loss of productivity and loss of pay. Digitize your office safety with Lumiform:

  • The flexible checklist builder from Lumiform helps you to convert any individual paper list into a digital checklist without much effort.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile App, you and your teammates conduct check in the field with ease and in no time.
  • Generate real-time data about internal processes. This makes quality and safety measurable and you can constantly optimize processes based on data.
  • Reports are generated automatically - this saves the complete follow-up.
  • Increase the efficiency of your internal processes: Through more efficient communication within the team and with management, as well as faster reporting of difficulties, you solve emerging problems up to 4x faster than before.

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