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Emergency lighting inspection form

Use mobile checklists for the emergency lighting inspection book. Record and save photo evidence of the problems immediately.

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Emergency Lighting Inspection Form

An emergency lighting inspection form is used to ensure that emergency lighting is in the required condition.

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Emergency Lighting Log and Test Sheet Form

An emergency lighting log and test sheet template is used to document all test results during inspections. It provides you a fast and save check-up.

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Emergency Lighting Log Book Template

Using this emergency lighting log book template you can make your own record of the conditions of the emergency lights in your organization.

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The power of an emergency lighting inspection form

Emergency lighting is often overlooked when it comes to the safety of buildings. In darkness, power failures or emergencies such as earthquakes or fires, emergency lighting and escape route marking are the rescuers. An emergency lighting inspection form helps people to move safely, stay calm and enable rapid evacuation.

In Germany, emergency lighting is used as safety lighting for escape routes, for areas of particular danger and as anti-panic lighting in many areas. These include industrial plants, public buildings, office buildings and other workplaces and on large construction sites. With the help of an inspection book, the emergency lighting can be regularly maintained.

These topics are covered in this article:

1. How to work with an emergency light inspection checklist

2. reporting of emergency lighting by means of test book and test sheets

3. A digital tool for your Emergency lighting inspection form

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These topics are covered in this article:

1. How to work with an emergency light inspection checklist

2. reporting of emergency lighting by means of test book and test sheets

3. Replacing the test book with a mobile app

How to work with an emergency light inspection checklist

Qualified technicians who are familiar with the legal regulations should regularly test and inspect the  emergency lighting. A typical maintenance of the emergency lighting is as follows:

    1. notification of emergency lighting test

  • Notifying building occupants about the emergency lighting check: The first step in maintenance is to ensure that occupants are aware of the impending darkness simulation to avoid panic and injury.

  • 2. identify emergency lighting

  • identify emergency lighting in the building: All units generally have red or green LED lighting.

  • 3. check emergency lighting

  • Insert the test key into the key switch next to the device: After inserting the key, the emergency light should come on. Switch off the corresponding lighting circuit on the power box: The emergency lighting should light up automatically as soon as the power is switched off.

  • 4. protocol on emergency lighting test

  • Log all units that are not working: An inspection book for emergency lighting and test sheets help to record any defects found.

Regular and recurring cycles of emergency lighting testing are important. They generate safety and can protect your life and that of your employees. Any faults found must be corrected immediately and all results must be recorded. It is common practice for maintenance inspectors to use an inspection book and test sheets for logging. These record the most important information: Here you get an overview of the necessary recurring inspections:

Daily tests

Safety check for operational readiness and functionality should be performed manually every day.

weekly check

Once a week the function of all safety lights had to be tested while switching on the emergency power source. Does the emergency power source burn for at least one hour?

monthly check

Every month a power failure simulation should be carried out to assess whether the emergency lamps have been lit long enough.

Annual inspection

Every year an overall evaluation of the emergency lighting systems is carried out. This includes the insulation monitoring, the changeover device, the testing of the necessary operating time, signal lamps and batteries.

A digital tool for your Emergency lighting inspection form

Paper-based emergency lighting test books are difficult to keep and time-consuming to fill out. Paper logs can easily be damaged and misplaced. This makes it difficult for technicians to track and locate specific records.In addition, the complicated process of capturing and storing photographic evidence makes it unnecessarily difficult to identify repair work.

Lumiform, the powerful mobile inspection application, transforms paper-based test books and test sheets for emergency lighting into powerful digital mobile templates.. With Lumiform, technicians can create their own custom mobile forms, save hours on bookkeeping and take unlimited photos of device defects.


    • With the flexible form construction kit, you can create an individual emergency action plan within minutes, which can be updated at any time.
    • During the emergency drills, take and upload commented pictures of good practice or areas for improvement.
    • Have the workplace emergency plan at hand at all times - online and offline.
    • All results, images and comments are automatically bundled in a digital safety inspection report.

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