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Turn issues into corrective actions by collaborating with team members.
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Share automatically generated reports and get in-depth analytics.
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Inspection software to help optimize your business

Using inspection software to improve your checklists and templates helps you conduct inspections that reflect current regulations and the state of your business
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Key Benefits

With custom checklists, you can easily build your own inspection templates or modify existing ones. In just a few minutes, tailor your inspection form to your business.

Automatically recieve regular analytics which show you what you have been doing well and what could be improved. The information these analytics measure is customizable just like your inspection templates are.

Report issues as they happen with Lumiform's inspection app, or preprogram factors that are designated issues so that they are reported automatically. Either way, this feature of our inspection software improves communication and cuts down on problem-solving time.

Get a head start with ready-to-use templates

Key Features
1. Set up forms in a snap

Select from over 12,000 ready-made inspection templates or create powerful custom forms in a flash.

2. Inspect with ease via app

Conduct inspections efficiently via the intuitive Lumiform inspection app. From wherever you are, online or offline.

3. Solve issues faster

Share observations and assign corrective actions directly to colleagues and track the entire troubleshooting process.

4. Share results and get valuable insights

Share your automatically generated inspection reports directly with all stakeholders while thoroughly analyzing all data.

Work collaboratively on actions while logging operations.

Schedule and assign inspections so that they get conducted reliably in time.

Push notifications, emails or SMS remind your team of inspections that need to be done.

Add text comments and photos during an inspection.

Use logics to guide your team through each inspection in a standardized way.

Customize your reports so they fit your needs exactly.

Trigger and assign actions automatically based on an inspector’s answer.

Involve external partners in action resolution at no extra cost.

Connect Lumiform via API to your existing systems.

Update and optimize your checklists regularly with inspection software

Countless industries depend on inspections and inspection checklists to streamline their daily operations. Construction companies, retail businesses, hospitality/a> businesses, and more use inspection checklist templates regularly to monitor and maintain their operations. By using inspection software, you can make sure your inspection templates are always up to date and reflect current standards.

When you conduct regular inspections, adaptability is important. Changes in your business or to the industry itself may require you to start implementing new processes. Lumiform’s inspection software makes it easy to update your existing inspection checklist templates or create new ones using our checklist builder. Just press a button to add new fields to old templates, and download the changed inspection template on Lumiform’s inspection app.

Lumiform helps you regularly update your inspection checklist templates and continue optimizing your business with:

1. Simple custom checklists

2. Detailed analytics

3. Issue management

Simple custom checklists

Standards and regulations change frequently, which is one reason that regularly updating your inspection templates is a good idea. Including the new requirements as criteria for success helps you avoid violations. Organizations like OSHAchange or augment standards frequently, sometimes annually.

With Lumiform, building custom checklists that reflect these changes is simple. The straightforward UI lets you add and remove sections with one click, and choose several different ways to structure inspection questions. The inspection software can support you in creating more complex inspection templates filled with branching logics and alternate sets of answers, all laid out in a digestible format.

Another advantage of using inspection software to design templates instead of physical paper checklists is that digital inspections are much faster, and altering a digital template is much easier than a physical one. In fact, every company that switched to Lumiform from pen-and-paper inspections reports that the mobile inspection app made their work much faster.

Detailed analytics

Lumiform inspection software helps you optimize your inspections by providing detailed analysis of all the checklists you complete, either weekly or monthly. These reports are generated automatically and allow you to visualize the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

The information you get from these reports gives you insight into what you should focus on enforcing, which helps you to build better inspection checklist templates. And like the checklists, Lumiform analytics are thoroughly customizable and allow you to easily filter results.

Issue management

Conducting inspections with Lumiform helps teams not only identify, but resolve issues quickly. By reporting a problem in the app as it’s found, inspectors communicate the need for a solution to relevant stakeholders instantly.

Lumiform inspection templates also let you predefine violations that constitute issues, so that the moment one is recorded, responsible parties will be informed without you having to do anything.