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Fire and Life Safety Code Inspection Template

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Fire and Life Safety Code Inspection Template


Instructions ------------------- 1. Answer "Yes", "No", or "Safe", "At Risk", "N/A" for the questions below 2. Add any photos and notes by clicking on the paperclip icon 3. To create and assign a corrective action click on "Add Action", provide a description, assign to a member, set priority and due date 4. Complete audit by providing digital signature 5. Send your report by exporting as PDF, Word Doc, Excel or via Web Link

Chemical Safety, Storage & Hazardous Materials

Flammable/combustible liquids not stored/kept near exits

Quantities >10 gals stored in cabinets

No basement storage unless sprinklered

Storage exceeds Maximum Allowable Quantities

Compressed gas cylinder security

Labels accurate/current

Proper separation of incompatible chemicals

Shelving equipped with restraints from falling

Sash closed when fume hood unattended

Compressed gas cylinders secured with chain

All chemicals properly labeled

All chemicals dated when first opened

Chemicals shall not be stored in fume hood

Construction Features & Fire Resistance

Fire rated construction present/maintained

Rated fire doors operational & not blocked

Exiting & Egress

Exits, aisles and corridors free of obstructions

Adequate number of exits

Exit signage present & operable

Emergency lighting present & operational

Exit corridors rated

Vertical openings of 2 or more stories shall be protected

Vertical openings of 3-5 stories protected with sprinklers


Electrical hazards

Electrical appliances, fixtures, cords in good condition

Multiplug adapters

Extension cords not a substitute for permanent wiring

36" clearance for electrical panels

GFCI outlets near water source

Elevator Machine Room

Free of storage

Portable fire extinguisher

Kitchen Extinguishing & Suppression Systems

Kitchen hood system fuel shutoff

Kitchen hood suppression system maintained

Occupant Load

Occupant load exceeded

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Readily accessible, not obstructed

Travel distance not exceeded

Tested/inspected annually

Extinguishers must be mounted

Sprinker Systems

Controls are readily accessible

Wrench & spare sprinklers available


Storage neat & orderly

Combustibles prohibited in mechanical/electrical rooms

Attic storage prohibited if unprotected

Concealed space storage prohibited if unprotected

Storage maintained,

Sign off

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