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10 clauses of ISO 9001

These are the ten elements of ISO 9001 that are necessary to meet in order to receive certification

Max Elias
by Max Elias | Reading time: 1 minute

ISO 9001 is a quality management standard that over a million businesses worldwide have met, as a way of signalling their reliability and competence. The standard is the only one of the ISO 9000 family that requires certification, and has ten clauses contained within. These clauses cover all the elements of your business that you need to examine to receive certification.

ISO 9001 infographic

While it is not mandatory to obtain an ISO 9001 certification to remain in business, it is not unlikely that potential business partners would request this. Additionally, meeting the requirements of the standard can only help your business even if you decide not to got through with an ISO audit.

A robust quality management system (QMS) will keep your business running smoothly and ensure each area of your operations receives the attention it deserves.

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Max Elias

Max Elias

Max is a Content Writer at Lumiform originally from New York, NY. Before Lumiform, he worked at the fintech company SumUp, writing on a range of fintech-related topics. He has experience writing blogs, CRM communication, guides, and landing pages. In addition to a love of content writing, Max is passionate about standup comedy and cooking.