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Chiller Commissioning Checklist

A chiller commissioning checklist is used to thoroughly record observations before and after the start-up of chiller systems. Accurately capture suction, discharge, oil, and brine temperatures using Lumiform temperature sensors. Automate temperature monitoring of chiller systems, easily manage risks through proactive alerts to the right people when something goes wrong, and stay in control of your day-to-day operations.

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Chiller Commissioning Checklist

Chiller Commissioning Checklist

Before Start-up

Read and understand all manuals (chiller, controls, etc.)

Read and understand manuals for third party components (electric motors, valves, etc.)

Check unit installation and vibration damper adjustment

Carry out functional testing of safety equipment

Read the opening pressures on all safety valves, and check that they are correct

Carry out vacuum test

Check Unisab set-up (see list of settings), and check VSD set-up, as applicable

Check oil level

Check that the heating element in the oil has been on for 6-8 hours before start

Take a sample of the primary refrigerant (must be free from water, air, etc.)

Check that the motor rotation direction is correct

Check that the coupling is aligned

Check that compressor cooling is connected correctly

Check that the plant is not leaking

Check that the valves are in the correct position for operation

After Start-up

Check that the capacity regulation system is working correctly

Check the refrigerant charge (at full load)

Check the unit for vibrations

Check the unit for vibrations using variable speed

Make a start-up log at full load

Take out a representative lubricating oil sample after about 1 hour of operation, and save it for minimum 1 year from commissioning date


Operation time [hours]

Suction pressure [°C/R]

Suction temperature [°C]

Superheating, suction gas [K]

Discharge pressure [°C/R]

Discharge temperature [°C]

Oil pressure, compressor [bar]

Oil pressure, filter [bar]

Oil temperature [°C]

Oil temperature, separator [°C]

Oil collection from shaft seal [ml]

Oil level [0, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full]

Charged oil [Liter]

Motor 1/1 load [amp.]

Capacity load [%]

Noise level

Vibrations (0-100% capacity)

Brine temperature, outlet - Evaporator [°C]

Brine temperature, outlet - Condenser [°C]

Refrigerant charge [Kg]


Additional Observations

Inspector Name & Signature

Supplier/Installer Name & Signature

Manager/Supervisor Name & Signature

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