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Restaurant Audit Checklist Template

Utilize a restaurant audit checklist to ensure kitchen staff, server, and consumer safety. Perform an audit of the customer and service area, drive-thru, food prep stations, customer service and satisfaction, financials, and managers to ensure food safety and security.

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Restaurant Audit Checklist Template


Customer Area

Is the front door glass clean?

Are the dining room tables and chairs clean?

Are the floors and rugs swept?

Is the Bain glass clean?

Is the pop station clean? Pop nozzles and ice chute clean?

Is the radio on? If so is the content and the volume appropriate?

Is the chip rack and purse rail clean and full? Are the chips rotated?

Is the parking lot and dumpster area clean?

Are the restrooms cleaned and stocked?

Are all exit signs working and in good repair?

Is the tea machine and coffee pots clean? Are both freshly brewed?

Is the pop cooler clean and stocked? Are all items available for sales? Is everything rotated?

Are all trash cans at acceptable levels? Are the inside of the cabinets clean and surrounding area?

Are the ceiling dividers and vents clean and in good repair?

Are the open signs on and in good repair? Are the order here signs cleaned?

Are the walls clean? Trim? And artwork in good repair?

Are the ceiling fans on and clean?

Are the windows and window sills cleaned?

Is the curb appeal up to standard?

Are the kids seats clean and in good repair?

Are all the lights working? Are they clean?

Service Area

Is all food in the Bain below the chill line and fully stocked?

Are all the cookies available for sale? Is the cookie display clean?

Is the hot well clean and with sufficient amount of water?

Are the dressing bottles and holders clean and the labels in good condition?

Are the salt and pepper shakers and holder cleaned?

Is the register and printer area clean and organized?

Are the cutting boards in good condition?

Is the soup warmer clean and organized? Spoons, soup bowls and lids, crackers filled and available?

Is the microwave cleaned inside and out? Underneath cleaned?

Is the waste container clean and shelves under the Bain clean and organized?

Is the toaster oven clean? Is the toaster tray in good repair?

Is the hand sink clean? Paper towel and soap stocked?

Is the prep table and shelves cleaned and organized?

Are the cambros and lids in good repair?

Are the bread liners in good condition and stored properly?

Are all veggie slicers clean and properly stored?

Are all scales cleaned and properly stored?

Is the reach in cooler clean and stocked?

Is the oven clean and in good repair?

Is the proofer clean and in good repair?

Is the walk in cooler clean and organized? Temperature acceptable?

Is the freezer clean and organized? Temperature acceptable?

Are the bread cabinets clean and in good repair?

Is the retarder clean and in good repair?

Are all bread carts cleaned?

Is the bread topping tray stored properly and fresh for the day?

Are the trash cans cleaned inside and out?

Are the dry stock shelves clean and organized?

Are the floors clean including under equipment?

Are the service walls clean?

Are the menu boards and footers clean? Are the menu board lights working?

Are all cleaning supplies properly stored?

Is the mop bucket and mop sink area clean? Is the mop hung up?

Problems with pests visible?

Is all food at least 6" off the floor?


Is the drive-thru bain set up and in use? Is it stocked?

Is the drive thru properly staffed?

Are the employees taking the orders on the register?

Is there a drive thru sales goal?

Is the drive thru window clean?

Is the drive thru menu board in good condition and properly displaying all advertising material?

Record drive thru or counter times:

Safety and Security

Are all fire extinguishers charged and properly stored?

Is the back door locked?

Is the safe kept closed?

Are employees following all safety procedures?

Are ladders used and properly stored?

Are wet floor signs used and in good repair?

Are all licenses posted by the register?

Are the MSDS sheet posted?

Are the child labor laws posted and in sight?

Is the first aid kit full and available for employees?

Food Prep and Food Safety

Are employees following properly hand washing techniques? Proper glove usage?

Are ALL products properly dated? FIFO method used?

Are ALL items offered for sale?

Are ALL products fresh and appealing?

Is bread baked fresh daily? Bread quality meeting company's standards?

Bread quantity levels acceptable?

Are formulas being followed? Any over portioning or excessive waste?

Is all products weighed out properly?

Are all hot food above 140 degrees? Actual temp of meatballs and soup:

Are all cold foods below 41 degrees? Actual temp of an item in the Bain:

Is the temp. log filled out? Is the action plan being used when needed?

Is the sanitizer bucket filled with clean towels and water?

Customer Service and Employee Trends

Are all employees in proper uniform?

Are all employees following proper grooming and facial hair policies?

Are all customers greeted within 3 secs?

Are employees up selling to every customers?

Are employees giving a receipt to each customer and informing them of the survey? We're customers "thanked" by the employees?

Is staffing levels and bench strength acceptable?

Are all employees friendly and demonstrating good customer service?

Are employee meals and drinks stored properly?

Was the employees focused on the guests? Everyone working together as a team?

Are table visits being done?

Staffing and retention acceptable? Bench strength solid?

Did employees ask for here or to go?

Is the staff utilizing Thru-Put during peak times? Speed of service appropriate? Bottlenecks observed?


Are all bread counts +/- 2? Do opening and closing counts match?

Are cash drops being done hourly?

Do all deposits match post-close? Proper banking procedures being followed?

Are all party breads accounted for if catering sales are rang in?

One employee per register

Bread waste entered daily?

Are cash-in's being done?

Area coach cash-in completed. Record cash over or short


Was there a pre shift meeting done today? Does everyone know the sales goal and what they are up selling for the day?

Are all spotchecks done for the week?

Is the manager log filled out daily?

Are all materials properly displayed on the communication board?

Are employees using the "good job" board?

Is the Date Log being used?

Is the 4 week folder up to date and organized?

Are there 2 weeks worth of schedules posted?

Is the weekly folder organized?

Is the sales chart up to date?

Are the CRS scores above the current DA average for the month?

Is the store IN COMPLIANCE? If NO explain why

One On One Manager Discussion

What are the managers supposed to be working on?

What has changed since the last visit?

What are the external facts effecting the unit?

Period to date numbers: Sales/COG/Labor&Productivity/Mystery Inspections

My top 3 concerns :

Managers top 3 concerns:

What do the GM/Managers and team members need to be complimented on or recognized for?

What did we see today and what does it mean?

What can they improve on and how do we do it?

What does the manager need from me?



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