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Retail Store Mystery Shopper Checklist

This template assesses the behavior and attitude of employees when advising a customer. Use Lumiform to conduct your audits and create a comprehensive report on how to improve the quality of service and advice in your stores.

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Rated 5/5 stars on Capterra
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Retail Store Mystery Shopper Checklist

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Cleanliness and Appearance

Is the parking lot clean and free of waste?

Is the entrance of the store clean and well maintained?

Is the signage in the store worn or damaged?

Is the store clean, neat and well maintained (no dirty floors, unattended spills, etc.)?

Is the restroom clean, well-stocked, and well-maintained (toilet paper/paper towels available, toilets/taps operational, etc.)?

Are the aisles free of clutter and obstructions?

Employee Behaviors

Have you been approached by an employee within 30 seconds of entering the store?

Did the employee smile at you?

Did the employee ask what you were looking for?

Did the employee offer to help you?

Did the employee offer you an additional item?

Did the employee give you his/her undivided attention?

Are all employees/team members polite?

Did the associates/team members provide above-and-beyond service?

Did any OTHER (not previously evaluated) team members you encountered or passed in the store smile and greet you? (During your shopping, you may find employees in the store performing various tasks).

Did the employee say a pleasant closing phrase (such as "Have a nice day," "Thank you for shopping," "Thank you," etc.)?

Did the cashier greet you when you reached the counter?

Did the cashier ask if you found everything?

Did the cashier mention the loyalty/rewards program by name during the transaction?

If you do not use the loyalty program, did the cashier ask you if you would like to become a member?

Did the cashier refer to the customer/guest satisfaction survey at the end of the transaction?

Did the cashier thank you at the end of the transaction?

The process until Purchase

Was every item you wanted to buy available?

Did perishable items (salads, sandwiches, etc.) seem fresh?

Were all items that were checked for freshness still shelf stable?

How many registers were open when you got in line?

Were there fewer than three customers in line?

How long did the transaction take from the time you arrived at the register until you received your receipt?


Assessment and recommendations

Full name of the mystery shopper

Signature of the mystery shopper

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