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6 questions to ask on your mystery shopping checklist

Mystery shopping is a tool used by businesses of many types. These questions will help you get a sense of how best to utilize a mystery shopper

Max Elias
by Max Elias | Reading time: 0 minutes

Mystery shoppers are used in all sorts of customer-service related industries, like restaurants, retail store, or hotels. They help you as a business owner evaluate employee performance, measure efficiency, and provide an outsider perspective on your business. The types of questions you will ask mystery shoppers to answer vary depending on your industry, but there are a few general categories any mystery shopping checklist should include.

Mystery shopping infographic

Mystery shoppers are not random, they are trained individuals who need to know specifics of your company. When preparing your mystery shoppers for their work, remember three things.

  1. Avoid too many details. Keep observations general enough that your mystery shopper can remember it all.
  2. Be quick. Enter observations as soon as they’re noticed.
  3. Check collected data regularly.

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Max Elias

Max Elias

Max is a Content Writer at Lumiform originally from New York, NY. Before Lumiform, he worked at the fintech company SumUp, writing on a range of fintech-related topics. He has experience writing blogs, CRM communication, guides, and landing pages. In addition to a love of content writing, Max is passionate about standup comedy and cooking.