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3 Benefits of HACCP Software

Sausalitos, one of Lumiform's first clients, has benefitted enourmously from using Lumiform's HACCP software instead of paper inspections. Discover how Sausalitos manages HACCP procedures digitally.

With 46 restaurants all over Germany, Sausalitos needs to be on top of its game when it comes to food safety and HACCP guidelines. Making the switch to a digital tool and implementing an HACCP Software across all locations has improved their day to day activities significantly.

Where quality managers previously had to print HACCP control books once per month for each of the locations, the Lumiform App now allows for centralized controls.

Next to benefitting from the automatic analysis function and thus saving time on evaluations, Sausalitos also highly appreciates the three following benefits gleaned from going digital:

Infographic about the benefits of digitizing HACCP documentation
  • More Sustainability
    Since Sausalitos no longer has to print countless books and forms for HACCP controls, the company has become more sustaiable, just by switching from paper to digital.
  • More Flexibility
    When changes occurred in the past, they had to be communicated to all locations, forms had to be reprinted and the workflow got interrupted by countless e-mails and questions. With Lumiform it is easy to make a change in a form that is then instantly implemented in all other locations across the nation.
  • Cost Saving
    Not only was printing all the forms and HACCP books expensive, they also had to be stored the required ten years, taking up storage space and costing the company money. Digitization was a financial incentive for Sausalitos, as the software is much cheaper than even black-and-white printing.

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