Pest Control software

A pest control software offers a comprehensive support to organize pest and disease management.

Go paperless, conduct inspections easily and solve issues quicker with your teammates.

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Optimize processes with the pest control software from Lumiform

Analyze all data very quickly in the shortest time

Analyze all data very quickly in the shortest time

Save time and keep track of what's going on at all times by getting comprehensive analysis from the pest control software, from which you can draw complete conclusions to take quick action. Analyze all results by different filters to identify areas that need your attention more easily and quickly. This way, you can solve problems before they occur.

Save documentation time

Save documentation time

By using the pest control software, you can save up to 50% in audit time by performing audits faster. Take photos directly with your tablet or smartphone and add them where you want them. Corrective actions can be assigned directly via the app to the responsible persons. Your report is generated automatically and can be sent immediately to all parties involved. Save additional time by analyzing all data quickly.

Gain insights for faster optimization

Gain insights for faster optimization

Get a comprehensive overview of what is happening on the ground. Analyze historical and real-time data and see at a glance which inspections are completed, overdue, test points failed, or problems still unresolved. This insight enables you to make informed decisions and continuously optimize processes based on trends and patterns.

Manage your records with the pest control software

With the form construction kit, you can adapt all templates to new regulations at any time. Besides, the app enables you to collect and manage the latest data for your analyses.

Create custom forms within minutes. Organise inspections to make sure the right person does all the checklists reliably.

Create forms

Conduct audits and inspections whether with a tablet or smartphone, Android or iOS – online or offline.

Conduct via App

Make sure all issues are quickly reported and seamlessly documented. Keep track of the troubleshooting, and solve issues together as a team.

Solve Issues

Don’t waste time on post-processing and digitisation of audit and inspection reports – everything is fully automated. Uncover areas that need your attention through in-depth analyses.

Results, Reports and Analyses
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The Lumiform flow

Digitise all quality and safety efforts, and cut down inspection time, with the Lumiform app. And, even more importantly, continuously optimise your quality and safety operations easily, with the Lumiform flow.

Lumiform flow

Advantages of the pest control scheduling software

Pest and disease management remains a major challenge for agriculture. Home and landowners hire professional pest control inspectors to ensure that their properties are safe and, above all, healthy. Such inspections are very extensive and must be carried out regularly to protect employees and the property from pests and diseases. The solution to such a challenge is a crop protection documentation app that records and analyzes problems on-site to improve safety and health continuously. In the following, the most important advantages of an pest control software are shown.

    1. dynamic work flow

    The Crop Protection App seeks out and identifies current challenges and opportunities, helping to improve workflow efficiency to drive the industry's momentum. It automates important processes of the daily workflow and thus enables dynamic working. Besides, a crop protection app can help streamline inspection tasks such as job scheduling, report generation and action point assignment. This automation saves inspectors valuable time and eliminates the need to return to the office to gather information; instead, they can use this time to thoroughly discuss results with customers and build a relationship.

    2. standardization of inspection template

    Digital forms, such as checklists for pest control inspections and work orders, can be created using the pest control software. These checklists can make the standardization of inspection specifications more convenient because you only need to update and publish one common template to get everyone on the same paperless page. What's more, these checklists and templates can be modified and adapted at any time and in any way.

    3. automated reports

    When it comes to preventive pest control, data collection and recording is an important basis for further cunning. Constantly follow the developments of the investigation and evaluate the effectiveness of the measures.A crop protection app converts your inspection data into insightful information. You can easily capture details and identify patterns, such as seasonality of pests and the most common causes of pest infestations

    characteristics of the pest control software of Lumiform

    Individual digital forms

    The flexible form construction kit makes it possible to create new individual checklists at any time and to adapt them again and again.

    First class customer service

    Lumiform’s excellent 24/5 support will reliably answer all your questions about the app when you need assistance using the tool.

    Scheduling and notifications

    The Lumiform App ensures that the schedule is kept. All employees receive notifications about the procedure and due dates. Managers automatically receive notifications when assignments are overdue and problems have occurred.

    Time-defined work steps

    Keep an eye on your schedule and use the information to identify opportunities to increase your efficiency.

    Faster identification and resolution of problems

    The data you collect from inspections is collected under the Analysis Tab. Here you can access all data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location and department. This helps you quickly identify causes and problems so you can fix them as quickly as possible.

    Track inspections in facilities over time

    Monitor your team’s inspection performance and identify opportunities to improve the process and efficiency of your operations.


    Connect Lumiform’s Software to enterprise software systems.

    Time-defined targets

    Keep an eye on what’s happening and identify insights from the information gained to increase your efficiency.

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