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Restaurant Quality Assurance Checklist

A restaurant quality assurance checklist is a document used by restaurant managers and owners to assess the quality of their operations. This checklist outlines areas of the restaurant that need to be reviewed to ensure food safety, hygiene, customer service, and more.

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Food Safety
Food and Single Use Item Protection and Storage
In-use smallwares/equipment food contact surfaces, approved, clean and in good repair
Non-Potentially Hazardous Foods within code date
Potentially Hazardous Foods within code date
Food approved and name labeled properly
Food items stored properly
Food contact items properly stored
Partners do not contact ready-to-eat foods or food contact surfaces with bare hands
Partner food labeled, stored properly, and no eating/drinking in food storage/prep areas
Ice and ice utensils protected in Bar/CBS area and/or BoH area
Proper handwashing taking place at appropriate times
Hand sinks are accessible and used properly
All hand sinks properly stocked and soap/paper towel dispenser functioning properly
Partners uniforms maintained clean/hair properly restrained (per jurisdictional requirements)
Partner not working while ill
Partner non-food personal belongings stored separately from food storage areas and not left overnight
Wiping Cloth Usage and Sanitization
Sanitizer present/strength at proper concentration/proper test strips available
In-use wiping cloths properly stored
Approved scouring pad in use
Beverage/Food Preparation
Steaming thermometers in use/calibrated correctly
Thermocouple present and properly working
Steamed milk ≥150°F(65.5°C) and is not resteamed
Potentially hazardous food(PHF) is not stored at room temperature
Refrigeration and Cold Storage
Refrigerated PHF ≤41°F (4°C)
Refrigeration units ≤41°F (4°C)
Hanging thermometer/temp readout present where required
Condiment bar carafes ≤41°F (4°C)
Refrigeration ventilation maintained
Chemical Storage and Usage
Only approved chemicals present
Chemicals properly labeled/stored
Permits and Certifications
Permit/Food service license to operate available as required by jurisdiction
Partner food safety training adequate as required
Proper documentation/signage available
Temperature logs complete in Duty Roster
Dishwashing sink compartments labeled and followed properly
Correct amount of detergent for each mechanical dishwasher load
Dishmachine rinse water is properly maintained for sanitizing dishes
Hot water available in store
Trash Handling
Trash in store disposed of as needed
Pest Control
Evidence of rodents
Evidence of flying insects
Evidence of cockroaches
No evidence of ants
Cleanliness of facility
BOH area floors/drains maintained clean
BoH area walls/ceilings maintained clean/lights functioning
BoH equipment maintained and clean
Mop area maintained and clean
BoH dish area/hand sink/storage areas maintained and clean
Restrooms/Toilet floors/walls/ceiling maintained/lights functioning
Restrooms/Toilet fixtures maintained
Customer area floors maintained
Customer area walls/ceilings maintained and lights functioning
Condiment bar maintained
Customer area furnishings maintained
Exterior area maintained
Bar area/Food Station/CBS floors maintained clean
Bar area/Food Station/CBS walls and ceiling maintained clean/lights functioning
Bar/Brewing area equipment maintained clean
CBS equipment maintained clean
Food Station equipment maintained and clean
Pastry and Refrigerated Display Case maintained clean
FoH Dish area/hand sink/storage areas maintained clean
Customer area furnishings maintained in good repair
Bar/CBS/Food Station counters maintained clean
Restrooms floors/walls/ceilings in good repair (which restroom)
Restrooms fixtures in good repair
Floor in good repair in FoH
Walls in good repair in FoH
Ceiling in good repair in FoH
Cabinetry/shelving in customer area in good repair
Condiment bar in good repair
Heavy, High, or Hazardous cleaning service items meet standards
Awnings/soffit/drive thru equipment in good repair
Building entrances maintained in good repair and rodent proof
Sink/Dipper well/ice bin/drain pan sealed to counter
Counter tops in good repair
Cabinetry in the bar area in good repair
Floors in good repair in BoH
Walls in good repair in BoH
Ceiling in good repair in BoH
Ice machine in good repair
Refrigeration in good repair (indicate which refrigerator)
Flex drain hose not placed in sewer pipe
Plumbing in good repair
No sewage back up in facility
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Ensuring Restaurant Quality: A Comprehensive Restaurant Quality Assurance Checklist for Success

A quality assurance audit evaluates and improves a company’s procedures to ensure that desired results are achieved. Specifically, a restaurant quality assurance checklist is a document used to ensure that all aspects of a restaurant are up to the expected standards. It can include checks on food safety, customer service, cleanliness, and overall satisfaction. The checklist can also include evaluations of equipment, supplies, and personnel.

It is important to have a quality assurance checklist in place to ensure that all standards are met and to make sure that customers receive the best possible experience. Having a checklist in place can help to ensure that the restaurant meets all regulations, which is essential for avoiding any legal issues. Additionally, the checklist can be used to identify areas where improvements can be made to further enhance the customer experience.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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