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Clarify responsibilities with a hotel duty manager checklist template

A Hotel Duty Manager Checklist is a useful tool to ensure that all duties and tasks are completed in a timely manner. It can cover a wide range of responsibilities including customer service, staff management, safety, security, housekeeping and more. The checklist helps ensure that all tasks are completed correctly and efficiently, helping to create a safe and comfortable environment for guests.

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Clarify responsibilities with a hotel duty manager checklist template



Are there instructions provided by a general manager?
Are there special events planned?
Number of rooms available at the start of your shift
Reviewed all activities in the lobby area and given maximum assistance to arriving and departing guests
Add all the guest complaints and incidents in the following:
Add all the VIP's in house and their arrivals


Hotel sign at arrival:
Main entrance
Washrooms in the lobby
Executive Loge
Safe-box room
Fire exits
Guest floors
Main kitchen
Administration office
Health club/Fitness room
Spa & salon
Swimming pool
Staff lockers
Garbage place
Staff cafeteria
Basement and parking lot



Staff spot checks


Spot check on
Any remarks?


Manager's instructions:
Full name and signature of the manager:
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Safe and comfortable environment for your guests with a hotel duty manager checklist

A Hotel Duty Manager Checklist is an invaluable tool for hotels, providing a comprehensive and organized overview of day-to-day operations. Utilizing this checklist allows hotel staff to manage their duty shifts efficiently, ensuring all tasks are completed as required. This checklist provides a range of benefits to hotel operations, including increased productivity, improved safety, and more accurate financial tracking.

The Hotel Duty Manager Checklist typically includes a variety of tasks and responsibilities, such as ensuring guest satisfaction, maintaining a safe and secure environment, managing guest and staff queries, monitoring housekeeping staff, and managing sales and marketing activities. The checklist can also include specific tasks such as checking and logging in guests, verifying reservations and payments, and preparing daily reports. By ensuring that all of these tasks are completed, the hotel can provide a high-quality service to its guests and ensure smooth operations. Lumiform's checklist can be customised to meet your specific needs and concerns.

Lastly, using a Hotel Duty Manager Checklist also ensures that all staff members are aware of their responsibilities and can quickly refer to the list to ensure they complete their tasks. Hotel managers or supervisors can use this comprehensive Hotel Duty Manager Checklist to assess if the hotel’s staff and amenities comply with hotel safety arrangements and housekeeping standards.

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