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Hotel Checklists

Optimize the processes and tasks in your hotel with digital hotel checklists.

What is a hotel checklist?

Different studies have shown that checklists have a direct impact on productivity, time management, memory and concentration. In hotels, they are an important tool to improve the quality of hotel operations and staff performance. Checklists for all hotel areas can be used to thoroughly review and optimize the standard of service and the level of service.

Hotel checklists support management and staff in daily operations with regular inspections and training. Processes can be standardized and streamlined in this way. Supporting careful and customer-oriented management with checklists increases trust among guests and ensures an impeccable reputation.

This article briefly explains:

1. The top reasons for hotel checklists

2. What checklists a hotel needs

3. A transparent, efficient tool for hotel teams

Top reasons to use hotel checklists

There are a few good reasons why hotel checklists are powerful motivators for the team. First and foremost, checklists define goals in strategic, manageable steps. Anyone who has ever attended a business seminar knows the importance of setting SMART goals – outcomes that are defined as specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

Hotel checklists can be used to organize tasks within SMART parameters to show the team that these larger goals are achievable through small, manageable steps. Breaking down larger tasks into smaller, manageable units keeps people motivated and positive throughout the process.

Why are smaller tasks more motivating than large-scale goals? When we have a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small, the brain releases the happy hormone dopamine. Dopamine is associated with feelings of joy, learning, and motivation. Checking a task off a list is enough for the brain to release a small amount of dopamine – which in turn motivates us to work on more items on our checklist.

Not all items on a checklist lead to the same feeling of satisfaction and motivation, however. Tasks must be challenging to trigger a dopamine response. Small goals must not only be meaningful to work toward your SMART goal, but also create a sense of satisfaction to keep employees motivated. This should be kept in mind when designing new hotel checklists.

What checklists are needed in hotels

The daily operation of a hotel means keeping track of many task areas at once. Checklists standardize processes, in this way the guest experience can be improved and loyalty created by building reliability and a certain standard. Over time, the use of hotel checklists can increase the number of positive reviews.

There are a number of different types of checklists that can be used in hotels:

  1. General property checklist: to assess whether staff have been trained, all hotel areas meet brand standards, and to check guest rooms for comfort and cleanliness.
  2. Room Checklist: to assess whether rooms are clean and free from damage and whether furniture and decor are in good condition.
  3. Housekeeping Checklist: to assess whether the housekeeping team is working consistently and whether all areas of the hotel are clean, sanitary, and presentable to guests.
  4. Bathroom Checklist: to assess whether bathrooms are cleaned and to assign which fixtures and equipment need cleaning. An inventory list can additionally be added for things like shampoo, towels, etc.
  5. Inventory Checklist: to assess whether hotel supplies, food and beverages for the on-site restaurant and complimentary items are adequate.
  6. Hotel maintenance checklist: to keep track of ongoing and occasional maintenance, such as pressure washing, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, security systems and deep cleaning.

Depending on what a hotel has to offer and what claims it is pursuing, other checklists can be added. These might include a spa and fitness area safety checklist, a hotel concierge checklist, or a restaurant health inspection checklist.

How detailed a hotel checklist should be depends on meeting customer demand and motivating your team. Items should be meaningful to trigger a sense of accomplishment, but not so extensive that they require a lot of thought.

A transparent, efficient tool for hotel checklists

If you want to run a hotel successfully, you need to keep track of everything that’s going on. This includes knowing that tasks have been completed and executed according to the hotel’s own standards. With digital checklists from the app and desktop software, it’s easier for hotel managers and staff to complete tasks on time and stay organized.

With Lumiform, the mobile and intuitive app for inspections and audits, hotel staff complete their daily tasks in a targeted manner using digital checklists. Regular inspections can reveal gaps in service quality at an early stage. The digital tool helps ensure compliance with hotel operating procedures to the satisfaction of guests.

Hotel teams reap the following benefits with Lumiform:

  • With the flexible form builder, any customized paper list can be transformed into a digital hotel checklist in minutes.
  • Lumiform offers a variety of ready-to-use templates for hotels to get started digitally quickly and securely.
  • Using the super intuitive mobile app, all teams can perform any inspection or task on-site with ease and in a time-saving manner.
  • All inspection results are automatically bundled into one report and can be sent to stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive analyses help uncover gaps in the hotel’s service quality more quickly and thus continuously improve processes.

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