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Hotel security checklist template

A hotel security checklist is a tool used to proactively ensure that security measures in place are working and effective in maintaining the security of hotels. With this template on the Lumiform mobile app, hotel security officers can help maintain the safety and security of hotel guests, staff, and hotel assets against risks.

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Police Contact
Has the Local Service Area Crime Prevention Section conducted a security audit. (If Yes comment to enter who attended and when)
Building Identification And & Visitor Access
Is the Hotel name clearly visible at all public access points?
Are entry points to the Hotel supervised?
Are you able to restrict access from vulnerable access points (e.g. Hotel backs onto laneway)
Are your ‘staff only” areas clearly identified and separated from public areas?
Are doors and windows protected by security devices to prevent “ram raids”? (e.g. bollards or other security devices)
Do staff wear identification badges or a hotel uniform at all times whilst in the Hotel?
Do approved gaming staff and responsible persons wear their name badges?
Are staff encouraged to challenge people in back of house area not wearing ID/hotel Uniform?
Are there appropriate warning signs displayed around the hotel relating to security and or video surveillance ?
Is there natural visibility into public areas of the Hotel from outside the Hotel?
Access Control
Are all doors fitted with quality locks to restrict access when the premises are closed? Or to non-public areas?
Can internal doors be locked when left unattended for long periods of time?
Are unused windows permanently closed and secured?
Do nominated members of staff check to ensure that all patrons have left the premises at the end of the trading times?
Do nominated members of staff check that all doors and windows are closed and locked at the end of the trading times?
Are the number of entry/exit points kept to a minimum?
Is landscaping well maintained to enable clear sightlines from within the Hotel (e.g. cutting back overgrown planting)?
Is there working security lighting installed that adequately lights the entry points?
Is the floor design arranged to provide good sightlines within the premises? (e.g. there should be good sightline from the cash area(s) to the front door)
Are reception/counter heights appropriate for each part of the premises?
Are visitors/customers prevented from accessing the area behind the bars, cashier areas and other back of house areas?
Does the Hotel have an appropriate sign in/out process for Trade Visitors? (are visitors asked for identification, does a staff member accompany visitors at all times, etc.)
Is a cloak room /bag holding service provided at point of entry? If so, is it monitored/supervised?
Are there appropriate internal signs to guide visitors/patrons/guests?
Are cash registers or other area(s)where cash is kept a reasonable distance from the front door?
Are ceiling spaces secure? (e.g. cannot be accessed from an adjoining property?)
Does the Hotel have a policy regarding the wearing of helmets /hats/beanies etc., on the premises? If so is the policy displayed adequately?
Vehicles And Vehicle Access Controls
Are vehicles prevented from entering restricted areas of your property?
Are vehicles permitted to park close to the entrances of the Hotel?
Are vehicles in carparks or other areas under the control of the licensee checked for unattended children at regular intervals?
Are vehicles which have been identified as suspicious investigated as soon as they are discovered? (vehicle parked close to entry points with occupants, vehicles parked in unusual positions, vehicles driving slowly around carparks with the occupants paying close attention to the activities etc.)
Property Identification
Is a record kept of the make, model and serial numbers of all hotel assets including items, such as mobile phones, computers, televisions etc.? Is this information recorded in an Assets Register?
Is all valuable property permanently marked with a corporate identifier (such as the Hotel name, logo, ABN etc.)?
Is valuable property photographed for easy identification?
Are the photographs and property list adequately secured?
Does the hotel have a current business insurance policy?
Are telephones pre-programmed with emergency contact numbers?
Are telephone lines tamper proof?
Is there an alternative means of contacting emergency services in the event of telephone systems being rendered inoperative?
Does the Hotel have a safe(s) installed?
Is the safe(s) securely anchored?
Is the safe(s) located out of public view?
Does the safe(s) have a drop chute facility?
Is there direct access to the safe(s)?
Is the safe(s) kept locked?
Is access to the safe(s) restricted, including keeping doors to cash areas locked at all times?
Is the safe located in an area separate from the cash area?
Is signage displayed to advise of time delay before cash can be removed from the safe?
Is the location of the safe and cash counting area excluded from any publicly displayed plan of the premises? (it should not be shown on any evacuation plan on public display)
Key & Valuables Control
Does the Hotel maintain a key register?
Are all spare keys kept in a secure area?
Are staff provided with somewhere to store their personal items?
Are there procedures in place for regular or random checks to be conducted of staff personal items when leaving the premises
Cash Handling
Does the Hotel have established cash handling procedures?
Does the Hotel have a ‘drop safe’ and if so is it easily accessible for staff?
Does the Hotel vary the banking routine?
Is a licensed company used to transport cash?
Is the cash collection route varied
Is the cash counted out of public view?
When the cash is counted are the doors kept locked?
Are tiny tellers and ATM’s cleared/refilled after hours?
Are float monies kept in the safe?
Does the Hotel have a ‘minimum cash in tills’ policy?
Are cash drawers clearly labeled (Hotel and department)?
Are cash draws locked in a secure location after hours?
Security And Crowd Controllers
Are there security staff on site?
Are security staff employed directly by the hotel or are they contractors?
For direct employees have they supplied a National Police Clearance Certificate and a copy of their Security Licence?
Are their personal references checked prior to commencing employment?
For contract security staff, are there systems in place to ensure that each contractor is licensed and approved to work in licensed premises?
Have security staff received formal security training?
Are specific security roles and other duties assigned for Security/Crowd Controllers?
Are there systems in place to ensure that Security Registers and Form 9’s are properly completed and maintained?
Are there systems in place to ensure Security staff are aware of the liquor licence conditions applicable to your hotel? (Patron capacities and any additional conditions relating to noise and disturbance).
Are all staff aware of, and have they been trained on, the Armed Robbery Prevention Kit?
Does the Hotel have policies/procedures in place regarding security incident responses e.g.: Unattended vehicles? Trespassers? Unauthorised access? Suspect packages? Removal of person and use of force
Does the Hotel have an internal procedure to report suspicious activity in the hotel and a process to escalate to police if necessary?
Security Alarm Systems
Is the building protected by a onsite security alarm system? Does this include the safe and cash counting area(s)?
Is the security alarm system monitored by a licensed security company?
Does the security alarm system have a duress facility?
Is the duress alarm(s) placed behind counters in bottleshop, bars and gaming area(s)/ Is it maintained by a security company?
Are there policies in place on how staff use and respond to the duress facility?
Are staff familiar with the procedures for turning the alarm system on and off?
Is there a register of who has been provided with the alarm codes?
Is there a process in place to disable alarm codes when staff cease employment at the hotel?
Is the system test on a regular basis to ensure it works?
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
Does the Hotel have CCTV equipment installed?
Are customers and staff aware through signage of the existence of the CCTV system?
Are cameras monitored? Internally or remotely?
Do the CCTV cameras cover the entrances and exits to the Hotel?
Does the Hotel have CCTV cameras covering critical areas, such as cash offices, cashiers and cash registers, and safe?
Are recorded CCTV images sufficient to identify someone? Are images capable of being transmitted electronically to police?
Is there capacity to record and store CCTV footage to cover a reasonable length of time?(see notes for what is reasonable time)
Does the CCTV equipment undergo regular maintenance to ensure the system is recording correctly/cameras are working correctly?
Are staff trained in the use of CCTV equipment and able to access and retrieve files if necessary?
Is the equipment checked to ensure that cameras have not been moved and that there are no “black spots”?
Information Security
Are confidential/important Hotel documents locked away when not in use?
Are all computers password protected?
Are computer passwords changed regularly?
Does the Hotel have computer firewall and antivirus software installed on all computers?
Are computer protection measures updated regularly?
Is critical Hotel information backed up regularly?
Does the Hotel have a Security Procedures Policy? Are staff made aware of this during their induction? Are they regularly refreshed on the Policy?
Is security documentation regularly reviewed and if necessary updated?
Do staff regularly meet to discuss security issues? Or are they encouraged to raise concerns about security? Are these concerns discussed during staff meetings/training?
Is the Hotel a member of a local Business Watch or similar group?
Does the Hotel have the contact details for the local Crime Prevention Section?
Is a senior staff member in contact with the neighbouring businesses and or residents regarding issues of security and crime that might affect the local area?
Does the hotel participate in a local liquor accord?
Are staff trained to report maintenance problems and safety concerns?
Fire Security And Evacuation
Are the fire hydrants and fire extinguishers in good working order? Are they regularly tested every 6 months by a qualified person?
Is the location of the fire extinguishers clear of obstructions and easily accessible?
Are staff aware of the fire evacuation process/assembly point? Are staff made aware of this during their induction?
Is there an evacuation plan which is practiced and are staff fully aware of their roles and responsibilities in the event of a fire?
Does the Hotel have an adequate number of fire wardens?
Is the building free from flammable and combustible waste and other materials both internally and externally that may create a fire hazard?
Is waste material stored in a manner to reduce the risk of fire in or near the building?
Does the building have an automatic fire suppression system to extinguish small fires (sprinklers)?
Are all fire doors self-closing and fitted with alarms?
Is there emergency lighting this is activated in the event of a power failure?
Are staff training in procedures to be following in the event of a bomb threat?
Are smoke alarms regularly checked and tested by a qualified person?
Are smoke alarms connected to the alarm system and is the system monitored remotely?
Have wardens been appropriately trained in their duties in the event of fire?
Hold Ups
Are staff aware of ‘CODE A’ in the event of a hold up?
Are height stickers/gauges installed at exits?
Does the Hotel have a policy in the event of a robbery? (i.e. to secure the crime scene)
Have staff received Armed Robbery prevention training?
Does the Hotel have a Victim Support Policy established?
Are staff aware of victim support services available
Work Health And Safety
Are staff aware of their obligations and rights in relation to Work Health & Safety requirements?
Are chemicals and other hazardous substances stored in appropriate places and in compliance with legislative requirements?
Comments and Recommendations
Inspector's Name and Signature
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Ensure Your Hotel’s Safety: Comprehensive Hotel Security Checklist

A hotel security checklist is a comprehensive document that outlines the necessary measures and protocols to ensure the safety and security of guests, staff, and property within a hotel establishment. It serves as a vital tool for hotel management and security personnel to assess and enhance security practices.

The importance of using a hotel security checklist cannot be overstated. It helps establish standardized security procedures and ensures that all critical areas and aspects of hotel security are thoroughly assessed. The checklist typically includes items such as access control systems, surveillance cameras, emergency exits, fire safety equipment, guest room locks, and staff training.

By utilizing a hotel security checklist, management can identify potential vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to mitigate risks. It helps identify areas where security measures may be lacking or require improvement, allowing for the implementation of appropriate security solutions.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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