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Patrol better with a security guard checklist

A security guard checklist form ensures security officers have carried out their duties around the premises they are assigned to. It also records unusual activities and the safety measures done around their areas of responsibility.

What Is a Security Guard Checklist

A security guard checklist is a tool that security officers use to ensure that the areas they are guarding are safe and secure. It contains the standard security procedures and tasks they must accomplish in securing the area.

They can also use the checklist to write their observations if they see any unusual activities in the areas of responsibility. If there are any suspicious activities or risk hazards, they also have to write the security measures they took to secure the place.

Aside from their duties and responsibilities, they also have a security guard equipment list that ensures they have the right gear to respond to any form of security or emergency.

Some of the areas they need to secure include:

  • The control room
  • Perimeter check
  • Car parks and service areas
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Building frontages
  • Indoors

In this article, the following points are explained:

1. Security guard duties

2. Security guard PPE

3. Benefits of a digital checklist

Safety personnel uses a digital security guard form

What Are the 9-Point Security Guard Duties?

Communities need trained security personnel to ensure the safety of their businesses, houses, and public offices. They rely on security officers to patrol their property to discourage criminals, secure gates and doors, and more.

Security guards should be vigilant at all times and have exceptional analytical skills to perform their job efficiently and effectively. Here are some of the common roles of security personnel:

Protect and Secure People

Protecting and securing people is a major task for security officers. Certain individuals need personal security because of the risks they face. A security guard creates a plan to ensure the safety and security of the individual they are protecting.

Secure the Premises

Security officers are most often the first line of defense for homes and businesses against criminal activities. They employ preventative tactics to discourage criminal activities and maintain safety.

Protect Assets

Security officers help businesses prevent the loss of valuable resources. A company’s assets are important to business success. Losing these assets can cause huge setbacks, which can greatly affect its bottom line.

Observe and Report

Security guards must have a keen eye for details. They have to report their observations every day and report them according to the set protocols.

Respond to Incidents

They know how to keep things under control during emergencies or times of crisis. If a situation is beyond their ability, they know the proper protocols for reporting the incident.


Communication is an integral part of the job for security personnel. When it comes to keeping a person, property, or place safe, effective, and efficient communication is necessary.

Do Damage Control

They are skilled at assessing threats and recommending solutions to protect people and property against possible risks. If employees do not take security protocols seriously, security services can provide strategic measures that will solve the matter. They should be able to foresee events and act fast to stave off crises.

Control Traffic

Security guards control traffic by maintaining safety procedures at all times. They also investigate accidents and provide assistance when needed.

Manage Crowds

Security personnel are present during large events, concerts, or celebrations. They make sure that the place and event are in order and free from the chaos that can put lives in danger.

What Are the Must-Have Security Equipment of a Security Officer?

Maintaining safety and security puts a security guard’s life at risk. Thus, he should be ready to face risky situations at all times. Aside from the knowledge, he should be properly equipped to face any type of situation.

The following items must be in a security guard equipment checklist:

  • Bulletproof vest – protects security guards from bullet and shrapnel impact. It is a piece of important equipment, especially if they are working in high-risk areas or defense and security industries.
  • High-visibility clothing – increases the guard’s visibility. It alerts criminals who are planning to break into the premises he is guarding.
  • Flashlight – a heavy-duty flashlight will not only help him see dark areas, but it can be a piece of self-defense equipment.
  • Defense equipment – batons, pepper sprays, and guns are some examples of defense equipment. They help security officers defend themselves when attacked by criminals.
  • Camera – whether it is a body or digital camera, it is most helpful during patrol rounds. He will be able to capture or record notable events, key people, and important clues. They can also use it to record vehicle movement or any kind of suspicious activity.
  • Pen and notebook – helps security personnel remember every detail of his observations of an incident. Committing everything to memory is impossible but putting it on paper prevents inconsistencies.
  • Two-way radio – the equipment helps them easily ask for help or back-up when needed.
  • Mobile phone – even if there are two-way radios, phones are crucial for making quick calls at all times. You can put all the important contact details on speed dial for faster access.
  • Security belt – it holds all the other equipment together.

CCTV camera attached to the side of building monitors safety

What Are the Advantages of a Digital Security Guard Checklist?

A security guard’s job is hard enough without having to remember everything they have to do. Even the most seasoned security professionals are prone to human error or experience bouts of forgetfulness. Lumiform offers a digital solution to prevent any security threats, large or small, from slipping through the cracks.

Here’s how security guards can benefit from a digital solution:

  • Creates a paper trail for their managers to analyze incident reports, photos of damages, and any additional comments or concerns a security guard may have had during their patrol.
  • With all their tasks already written down, a security guard will never forget a checkpoint or misplace a precious document.
  • The flexible form builder allows officers to edit and revise their current checklist to adhere to new parameters or requirements.
  • With the super intuitive mobile app, safety officers can instantaneously alert their coworkers of any potential security threat.
  • Lumiform’s EHS software allows safety officers to conduct standardized checks that help identify risks faster and reduce the risk of security breaches.

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