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Food Traceability Template

Food traceability is an important tool for businesses that sell food products. It's designed to help businesses track the origins of food items, document their handling, and monitor any potential contamination or other risks. A food traceability template is an essential part of a comprehensive food safety program.

When you fill out the template with Lumiform's app, you will always automatically receive a material traceability report upon completion. You can store it securely in the cloud and retrieve it at any time to share with responsible employees or customers.

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Food Traceability Template

Template Information

Use this template as follows: Step 1 refers to the part of the supply chain that goes back one step, i.e., all the products your company receives. Consider and record all raw materials, including batch or date codes. This will ensure that you can trace an end product back to its point of origin to determine contamination. It also allows you to exclude good, safe batches from recall. Step 2 is about the work-in-process, which is the phase between the receipt of the raw product and the distribution of the final product. Step 3 is the shipping sheet that allows you to track where your products go, which is the "One Step Forward" part of the supply chain. These records allow you to contact the buyers of your products if there are any problems with the delivery.

Stage 1: GOODS IN (One step backwards)

Product supplied
Name and address of the supplier
Identification details of product (ie batch number or Lot Code)
Quantity received
Date of transaction
Date of delivery

Stage 2: PRODUCTION SHEET (Work in progress)

Product manufactured
Number of units manufactured
Stock waste from the manufacturing process
Raw materials udes
Quantity of reworked product

Stage 3: DISPATCH SHEET (One step forwards)

Product sent
Customer contact details
Number of units sent
Batch codes or dated product sent
Any complaints or returns
Any sales credits


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Make Your Food Traceability Easier to Manage With This Customizable Template

Food traceability is the ability to track and trace a food product through all stages of receipt, production, processing and distribution. Traceability is a risk management tool that you can use to respond to a food safety issue. Using this food traceability template, you can take an approach where you take one step back and one step forward. With this approach, you can identify which foods and ingredients were purchased from which suppliers - called primary production - and which foods were then sold to business customers - called consumption.

Food traceability templates can also help your business streamline its supply chain operations. Consequently reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing your business's profit margins. Furthermore, Lumiform's customizable templates provide a tool for maintaining records of their food production and supply chain processes, making it easier for them to comply with industry regulations.

By creating a comprehensive food traceability template, businesses can ensure that their food products are safe and compliant with food safety regulations. It's an important part of any effective food safety program.

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