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Identify and control risks to food safety. Make your job easier by using a digital HACCP template instead of a paper form.

See our ready-made templates:

HACCP Plan Checklist Template

Use this general HACCP plan template to assess the system in place for classifying and controlling food safety risks

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HACCP Audit Checklist Template

Use this template to conduct a regular HACCP audit.

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Restaurant Cleaning and Sanitizing Checklist

This plan regulates all cleaning measures and procedures of the company, describes the processes and ensures a standardized implementation.

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Restaurant Pest Control Checklist

This template for a restaurant checklist: pest control helps with the regular inspection of rooms for pest infestation.

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HACCP Food Safety Training for Employees Checklist

At least once a year there should be a training of all employees in the HACCP rules in the restaurant and everything should be documented.

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What are HACCP checklists?

HACCP forms are used to implement a HACCP concept in companies in food production or food trade. This enables biological, chemical and physical hazards in the storage, transport, use, preparation and sale of perishable goods to be identified and controlled. Digital checklists help employees to monitor the processes more easily and to fully implement the HACCP documentation. The data from the HACCP plan template not only uncovers deficiencies at an early stage, but also proves consistent compliance with the HACCP plan.

This article covers the following topics:

1. What is important when creating a HACCP checklist

2. These aspects must be fulfilled by a HACCP checklist

3. A digital solution for HACCP checklists

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What is important when drawing up a HACCP checklist

The first step before one or more HACCP checklists are drawn up is always the preparation of an HACCP concept or plan. This provides the basis for the subsequent daily, weekly and monthly inspections. For the preparation of a HACCP template, the information from the following areas is of particular importance:

  1. Which areas in the company must undergo an HACCP inspection?

  2. Which employees are affected by a HACCP inspection and who must carry it out?

  3. Which foodstuffs under which intended use have to undergo which HACCP test?

  4. How often an HACCP inspection must be carried out and in which areas?

  5. What critical points (CCPs) in the HACCP checklist are to be observed?

  6. To what extent the data collected from the HACCP checklists must be prepared for the HACCP documentation?

  7. How the HACCP plan template should be used to respond to any shortcomings identified?

These aspects must be covered by a HACCP checklist

Most companies in the food industry have several HACCP forms in use. This is due to the fact that often different areas of the workplace have to be checked under different aspects. For example, different data has to be recorded for the cold chain for food than for kitchen cleaning - and usually by different people who are responsible for these areas.

How many HACCP checklists are in use, however, often also depends on the size of the company. In the following, the aspects that should necessarily be covered by checklists are listed using the HACCP example of the catering trade.

cool chain

The correct storage and cooling of food is essential for ideal hygiene conditions in the company. For an HACCP template in this area, special attention should be paid to the critical points of temperature and storage conditions.


The kitchen is the biggest source of contamination in the catering industry due to a lack of hygiene. This HACCP template checks above all whether the cleaning standards are implemented and adhered to in order to prevent dangers to the customer from the preparation of the food.

Guest room

Also in the guest room there are numerous areas which can lead to the burning of food if they are not well cared for. This HACCP template therefore deals with the state of cleaning of the objects in the guest room.


Clean toilets are not only part of good manners, they are also indispensable for ideal hygienic conditions. This HACCP template therefore checks the daily and weekly cleaning of the toilet areas, which includes washbasins, floors and the same.

personnel training

Often these aspects take a back seat to the HACCP concept. HACCP forms can only be filled out correctly and conscientiously if the employees know exactly what they have to pay attention to in food hygiene and their own hygiene. This HACCP template is therefore used to check whether each employee has received training and whether follow-up training has taken place.

Use a digital app for HACCP checklists

A good record is one of the 7 HACCP principles required to obtain HACCP certification. Proper HACCP documentation helps managers and business owners to keep track of the food production and processing processes and the corrective actions taken. Digital HACCP forms make it easier to prove that the possible risk factors of food safety are considered in all production processes. This ensures that the end products are safe and ready for the market. You could also consider using Lumiform's food quality software to ensure compliance and safety measures are met.

Digital HACCP applications such as Lumiform help to improve tedious workflows by replacing paper forms, spreadsheets, scanning and faxing with a digital app and software - online or offline. The mobile technology is used to improve the following when using a free HACCP plan template:

  • With the intuitive mobile application, every test can be carried out on-site with ease and in a time-saving manner.

  • The flexible HACCP checklist toolkit allows internal checks and processes to be continuously optimised.

  • Each digital HACCP checklist is usually carried out about 30%-50% faster.

  • Teams will be able to perform better surveillance procedures and risk analysis using a smartphone or tablet.

  • Very simple operation without any room for error for employees. As Lumiform guides the examiner through the exam, no training is required.

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