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7 steps of HACCP

Create an HACCP plan by following these 7 steps and improve the efficiency as well as hygiene of your kitchen

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, and it is a process used in restaurants to ensure that safety and hygiene standards are maintained. It is considered the most effective food safety system to date. Having an HACCP plan is important to make sure that there is little to no risk of illness at your business. These seven elements help you form your HACCP plan.

HACCP infographic

These seven steps are a blueprint for monitoring and managing all the food in your establishment, from storage to cooking to serving. HACCP was designed to be as scientifically-based as possible, which is why there is an emphasis on numbers and measurements throughout the steps.

A well-made HACCP plan does more than help with food safety. It also builds trust between you and your customers, improves your image, reduces waste, and helps your business avoid costly fines. Applying HACCP in your restaurant leads to smoother workflows and a better end product.

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