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Call Center Quality Assurance Checklist

Use this call center quality assurance checklist to judge calls and note if representatives followed approved call protocols. This will assist you to check if employees understand customer concerns and give the most proper solution. The template also includes the end call performance of call representatives. End the evaluation by logging observations and recommending how representatives can advance the quality of service.

Use Lumiform to create and capture data reports and compare trends of failed replies with the help of analytics. You can also restrict the editing adjustments of your Lumiform users to ensure the quality assurance templates are standard all over the board.

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Call Center Quality Assurance Checklist



Did the representative greet the customer according to the obligation?

Understanding the Customer's Need

Did the agent use investigating questions to get the customer's need?

Solution Information

Did the call representative answer customer questions right?
Did the agent give the most appropriate solution to match the customer's requirements?
Did the agent give options to the customer (if appropriate)?
Did the agent give other support (if necessary)?

Customer Service

Did the agent present a professional manner during the whole call?
Did the agent apply empathetic listening abilities?
Did the agent follow the standard methods for transferring a call?
Did the agent end the call within the optimum call time while assuring a positive experience for the customer?

End call

Did the agent offer additional help at the end of the call?
Did the agent say goodbye in a proper manner?


Do you have any further observations or recommendations?
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