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Improve Your Sales Strategies With A Sales Call Log

Sales call log templates help your sales team track all their mature sales as well as their sales leads. Sales call checklists help the team stay on top of all sales-related entails and information so that nothing gets lost.

What is a Sales Call Log?

Sales Call Logs are paper-trails of the scores and sales that your sales department makes and can provide you with a plethora of valuable information that can help you maximize efficiency as well as optimize your calling strategies.

A properly maintained sales call log helps your and your sales teams in different ways. For example, an agent can monitor new leads and potential customers. A salesperson can note down the product sales he or she makes in a certain period, including credit card transactions, gift card sales, and coupons. That way all important information is tracked and accounted for.

Losing just a single piece of information during the sales process can lead to big sales losses. Thus, it is vital that salespeople use a sales call log checklist. A template reminds them what tasks they need to do, what leads need to follow up, and many more.

In this article, you will learn:

1. How Sales Call Logging Works

2. What the Benefits of Sales Call Logging Are

3. Why a Mobile Application Is The Perfect Tool for Sales Call Logs

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How Do You Log Sales Calls?

When making and receiving sales calls, it’s important to keep track of who you’ve spoken to, and when you spoke. Keep this information, along with a summary of the call and your contact’s details, all in one place to refer back to and consult if need be.

Manual call logs typically consist of paper printouts or computer spreadsheet templates where employees can log all important information. However, as a best practice, users should also transfer the data from call logs into a customer relationship management (CRM) software for safekeeping. As a result of this, manual call logging nowadays is both less effective and less efficient than the services that automated systems can provide since it is easier to make errors when transferring data, as well as much more time-consuming.

In contrast, VoIP business phone features include call logging tools to automatically capture, record, and organize call details. From there, you can search and sort call logs according to date ranges, call type, duration, destination, or origin. Automatic call logging eliminates human blunders and you can set up regular reports to view metrics.

Benefits of Sales Call Logging

Call logs are beneficial for nearly all companies and industries. Phone histories provide a wealth of details used by decision-makers to assess performance, improve customer relationships, and optimize scheduling. Tracking information such as sales call data, allows for more statistics to be made and evaluations to be performed.

The top benefits of call logs include:

  1. Enhanced customer support
    Review call logs and notes to see resolution times and common complaints or use call data to help resolve customer disputes.
  2. Boost staff productivity
    Check out incoming and outgoing call duration by employee, extension, or phone number to identify areas for improvement.
  3. Predict business expenses
    Use historical data to decide if you need more or fewer phone lines, extensions, phone numbers, or features, such as on-hold music or international dialing plans.
  4. Improve scheduling
    Look at call logs and identify trends affecting the number of people who need to be scheduled per shift or day.
  5. Satisfy compliance standards
    Some financial, legal and medical companies are required to retain audit logs. Call logs help businesses adhere to these policies.
  6. Keep customer data updated
    Connect your small business VoIP service to your CRM so that agents can verify and update records as calls come in.
  7. Automate workflows
    Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports and send them to your email or the supervisor’s account automatically.

Employee prepping for sales call

Use A Digital Checklist To Log Sales Calls

With Lumiform’s checklist app you can easily perform a variety of quality logs on the go from your smartphone or tablet – online or offline. Create checklists for your Sales Team so that they can easily log their calls, collect and share their data and keep you observers to easily collect data in the field and reduce errors and threats in aviation.

  • Lumiform’s flexible form builder helps you convert any paper-based log into a digital format within minutes. Avoid complicated sheets and transfers by storing everything in the same app and access it via the desktop.
  • Lumiform offers you over 10,000 different ready-made templates to choose from, so that you can quickly and safely go digital.
  • With our intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application you and your sales team can track performance with just a few clicks and save time.
  • All logs are automatically summarised in a report and can be sent to responsible personnel on-the-fly and accessed via the app or desktop software.
  • With Lumiform’s automated analyses tool you can uncover any errors or discrepancies fast and effectively and thus allow you to concentrate on improving processes continuously.

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