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Get an overview of the most important features in Lumiform.
Turn issues into corrective actions by collaborating with team members.
Create custom checklists and use logics to predefine workflows.
Share automatically generated reports and get in-depth analytics.
Quickly conduct inspections with the easy-to-use inspection app.
Easily adapt the Lumiform software to your complex organization structure.

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Fully automated reports and in-depth analyses.

All quality and safety results in one system

View the results of all inspections and issues in the Lumiform desktop app. Get full transparency about who conducted which inspection or resolved which issue, when and where.

Customise all reports easily to meet your specific needs

Define header page

In the form builder, define which information should appear on your header page in the customised audit report.

Create fully customised report templates

Create your audit report, including the company logo. Select whether your report should display the location, scores, checklist description, instruction fields and unfilled checks.
Define the final result, depending on the score, for example, results between 90% and 100% are called ‘Excellent’.

Reports are generated automatically

Download all automatically generated audit reports in your own design, as a PDF file. Retrieve all safely stored reports at any time.

All issues compliantly documented without any hassle

Save time with the issue overview

Define that in PDF reports, all issues found in the inspection and audit are displayed separately, above all other results. Use this functionality to identify failed checks, and resolve issues directly, and more quickly.

Document troubleshooting

All solution actions are automatically recorded and attached to the audit report, which leads to complete and compliant documentation.

Detailed analyses and reporting

In-depth Analysis of all collected data

Evaluate all collected data by filtering it according to different criteria, such as location, inspector, checklist, etc. Quickly identify areas that need your attention, in order to improve your quality and safety processes continuously.

Filter performance stats

Analyse the number of inspections, negative responses, overdue inspections, incidents raised and resolved – the average score is broken down into the six criteria seen here.
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Users & groups

Weekly and monthly reporting

Get automatic weekly and monthly updates of what has been happening in your organisation.

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We also offer paid plans with additional features, storage and support.