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Knowing where you went wrong and what you can do differently is the best method for improvement. Utilizing call monitoring software, you are able to listen to calls with the sole intent of enhancing communication and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. In this guide, you will learn exactly how to use call monitoring software to improve customer service for any business.
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Key Benefits

You may tell by listening to an agent's call whether they are being professional and friendly or disrespectful to a consumer. With the aid of this data, you may assess an agent's competence and skill as well as their adherence to the policies and procedures of your business. The most advantageous use of monitoring software is in call centers since it enables you to recognize patterns before they become an issue. By listening to recorded calls and consumer complaints, only dependable software can assist in determining how to fix the focus areas.

Businesses can compile information on which agents need to perform better and which are successful by using our phone call monitoring software. The agents in question can then acquire more extensive training using this information. After that, you can use the software to check whether the necessary corrections have gone into action. Lumiform's monitoring software enables businesses to give agents specific feedback on their performance and etiquette, providing them with the right tools to improve their service.

By listening to calls, learning what customers most frequently complain about, understanding what they want, and meeting their expectations, you can solve your clients' common issues using Lumiform's call monitoring software. With this helpful resource, you can pinpoint any weaknesses in your business and provide clients with the best service. This strategy will assist you in raising your overall standard of quality and increasing sales. Knowing what customers don't want is just as valuable as the opposite and can help you maintain consistency in quality and help eliminate complaints.

Get a head start with ready-to-use templates

Key Features
1. Set up forms in a snap

Select from over 12,000 ready-made inspection templates or create powerful custom forms in a flash.

Conduct inspections efficiently via the intuitive Lumiform inspection app. From wherever you are, online or offline.

Share observations and assign corrective actions directly to colleagues and track the entire troubleshooting process.

Share your automatically generated inspection reports directly with all stakeholders while thoroughly analyzing all data.

Work collaboratively on actions while logging operations.

Schedule and assign inspections so that they get conducted reliably in time.

Push notifications, emails or SMS remind your team of inspections that need to be done.

Add text comments and photos during an inspection.

Use logics to guide your team through each inspection in a standardized way.

Customize your reports so they fit your needs exactly.

Trigger and assign actions automatically based on an inspector’s answer.

Involve external partners in action resolution at no extra cost.

Connect Lumiform via API to your existing systems.

What Is A Call Monitoring Software?

A call monitoring software gives you access to the communication between an employee and a consumer. The majority of call center managers and quality assurance (QA) analysts utilize it to assess a call’s quality, decide whether it meets company standards, and look for ways to enhance customer service. Our software also allows you to step in when an agent needs assistance. A phone call monitoring program will also assist you in identifying which staff members provide top-notch service and can help address any other problems with quality.

As a call center manager, you can also assess the company’s overall standard using our monitoring software – it can identify the company’s deficiencies and provide precise solutions on how to improve. Listening to your clients, who use your product and know the type of service they prefer, is the best method to learn how you can develop. With the information you’ve collected, you can make wise decisions that will please your customers.

Lumiform’s call center monitoring software is easy to use and quick to set up. If you’re stuck and unsure of how to achieve high levels of consumer satisfaction, this is the solution you need. You can make the most of each call using our call monitoring software, giving you the information you need for your business to prosper.

What Should You Know About Call Monitoring Software?

You can do much more with a call monitoring software than just track calls. The call monitoring software from Lumiform features a variety of functions and is versatile enough to use in various tasks. The call monitoring software from Lumiform allows you to:

  • manage complaints as issues
  • configure workflows
  • put corrective and preventive actions in place
  • access customizable templates
  • manage and investigate issues
  • track progress online or offline
  • assess and manage risk
  • direct tasks and oversee workflow

To enhance customer service, 66 percent of call centers are prepared to make an investment in cutting-edge analytics. So, to keep ahead of the competition, you should raise the quality of your services. Call monitoring software includes a wide range of essential capabilities and puts ease, effectiveness, and quality at your fingertips. All business types can benefit from call center monitoring software as it provides many useful services for several situations. With Lumiform, you can get the same advantages without spending any money with our free plan call monitoring software.

Call center monitoring software is perfect for any business wanting to track their employee’s interaction with clients as a means to improve your customer service tactics. It is an easy-to-use tool for support, error prevention, and correction. Our phone call monitoring software will distinguish what your target market truly desires and show how to fulfill those demands to boost the day-to-day operations of your organization. A call monitoring program is simple for all employees to use, so you can easily include it into your workflow.

What Are The Types Of Call Monitoring Software?

If you are unsure of the many forms of call monitoring or how they operate, this guide can assist you in learning. Call monitoring software enables you to listen to calls to enhance call quality and worker productivity – the specifics of how they do so are what you will discover in this article. Read on to learn some of the many functions our software can provide.

  1. Call whispering: You can utilize this tool to assist an agent who is on the phone with a customer. With the help of this feature, you can provide live support to the agents, unheard by the customer, so they won’t be aware that another caller is on the line, making employee assistance discreet, efficient and effective.
  2. Call recording: You can record both outbound and incoming calls using Lumiform’s call monitoring software for education or evaluation purposes.

Who Benefits From Call Monitoring Software?

Not just call centers can profit from call monitoring software. According to research, 68% of consumers will pay more for a product if they are satisfied with the customer service, making t his tool more important than many organizations think. Any company that provides customer service can utilize call monitoring software so, we’ve divided the main customers into three groups:

  • Customer support: Customer service centers need call monitoring software so that they can check up on agents to ensure their working effectively and use their findings to train new agents. In situations where you need to increase client satisfaction, you can interrupt calls and mediate right away.
  • Sales departments: Lumiform’s call monitoring software may be effectively used by sales departments to train new agents, track sales, and enhance workflow. During a sales pitch, you can use this tool to assist rookie agents in listening to older, more seasoned agents.
  • Marketing departments: To record calls and follow leads, every marketing department needs call center monitoring software to observe customer-to-agent interactions and ensure the marketing and sales pitch are in sync.

Call monitoring from Lumiform is the most effective and trustworthy solution you can employ to enhance customer service; it is adaptable and has a lengthy list of functions for many different forms of business.

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