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HSE Management System Template

This is a comprehensive HSE management system template which can be used by confirmed staff to evaluate how companies and businesses handle health and safety in their workspace or environment. It is split into 2 sections: HSE management and HSE performance monitoring. Each entails an assessment of HSE management protocols. Finish the audit by giving an overall rating of the HSE management and record all people involved in the assessment. See also the HSE internal template for an internal HSE audit. You can use the Lumiform app on your mobile device anytime, even when you’re offline.
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Section 1 - HSE Management
1.1 HSE Overview
Does your company have a written HSE Policy?
Does your company have an HSE Management System? Is it approved by an acknowledged independent expert (e.g. N.S.C.A., Du-Pont Stop, WorkCover-Self Insurer, ISO 18001, AS/NZS 4801, Civil Contractors Federation Integrated Management System)? If so, what was the latest outcome?
1.2 Responsibilities
Are health and safety duties clearly identified for all levels of personnel?
1.3. HSE Consultation
How does your business identify and report HSE issues?
Are workers involved in decision making over HSE concerns?
Is there a workplace HSE committee or routine meetings conducted with workers (e.g. safety meetings, toolbox talk etc.)?
Does your company have an HSE representative? Have they admitted HSE training?
1.4 HSE Management System
Does your company have permission to work system?
Does your company have a process for the selection, evaluation, monitoring and investigation of sub-contractors that incorporates HSE demands?
Does your business have methods to prevent and reduce environmental emissions and damage?
Do you have schemes for selection, use, storage, handling, spill control & disposal of dangerous substances and dangerous goods (e.g. corrosives, toxics, flammable fluids and gases,...)?
Is a reported Job Safety & Environmental Analysis (JSEA) conducted previous to the commencement of a job (i.e. risk identification, evaluation, control and investigation procedures)?
Does your company conduct routine HSE audits of your HSE Management System by external companies?
Do you have procedures for identifying, evaluating and controlling risks connected to manual handling?
Do your environmental procedures approach containment and recovery processes?
Do you have methods for the maintenance & examination of plant equipment owned and/or managed by your company (e.g. excavator, compressor, electrical equipment, fire-fighting equipment, etc.)?
Does your company have emergency response methods and/or management process?
1.5 Hazard Management
How does your company communicate risks to your workers and your sub-contractors?
Give an example of the Hazard Management process to be used by your company.
Does this method involve a proper hazard register?
Is there a method by which workers can report risks at workplaces and potential health, safety & environmental risks?
1.6 HSE Training & Induction
Explain briefly how HSE Training & Induction is conducted in your business.
Are records maintained of all training (certificates & licenses) and induction programs are undertaken for workers (current and new employees) in your company?
How does your organisation plan to manage inductions for staff involved in projects with ISS?
Is there other particular HSE training for staff?
1.7 HSE Workplace Inspection
Does your organisation have a method for regular HSE inspections at the workplace?
How is information given to stakeholders?
Are standard workplace examination checklists used to conduct health, safety and environmental examinations?
1.8 Incident Management
Is there a system for evaluating incidents to determine root causes? Does the system identify and implement proper improving actions?
Is there a reported incident management and investigation method?
Is there a method for the announcement of incidents to regulatory agencies?
1.9 HSE Offences
Has the company had any enforcement activity or been convicted for an HSE offence in the last 3 years?
1.10 Quality
What systems are the to show that all HSE demands of a contract are being met and sustained (e.g. compliance with Standards, Codes of Practice and Specifications, etc.)?
Section 2 - HSE Performance Monitoring & Statistics
2.1 Performance Monitoring
Are workers regularly provided with information on your HSE performance?
Is there a system for documenting and analysing HSE review statistics?
2.2 Statistics
2.2.1 Days Away/Restricted or Transfer Rate for current and previous 3 years
Current year:
Year 1:
Year 2:
Year 3:
2.2.2 YTD Number of First Aid Injuries and for current previous 3 Years
Current Year:
Year 1:
Year 2:
Year 3:
2.2.3 Total Recordable Incident Rate for current and previous 3 Years
Current year
Year 1:
Year 2:
Year 3:
2.2.4 Number of Environmental Incidents & Non-Compliances for current and previous 3 Years
Current Year:
Year 1:
Year 2:
Year 3:
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Overall rating
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Health and safety first with an HSE management system template

An HSE management system template can help your business to prevent workplace accidents, risks, hazards, and the effects they bring. It can also help you comply with legal requirements on workplace safety.

Health and safety are important issues for any company, and it’s crucial that employees are aware of the risks involved in working at a hazardous site. By using this comprehensive HSE management system template, confirmed staff can evaluate how companies and businesses handle health and safety in their workspace or environment.

Before creating an HSE management system template, it is important to understand what an HSE management system is and how it works. An HSE management system is a set of systems and processes that govern how your organization manages health and safety risks. Every aspect of your business – from employee recruitment to incident reporting – must be integrated into this framework in order to ensure that all employees are safe at work.

An HSE management system template should include provisions for all aspects of workplace safety: physical environment, health & safety hazards, emergency preparedness/response plans, recordkeeping systems/ procedures, and communication channels. You can customize Lumiform’s digital hse management system template to your specific needs and ensure safety at your workplace.

Please note that this checklist template is a hypothetical appuses-hero example and provides only standard information. The template does not aim to replace, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or any other applicable law. You should seek your professional advice to determine whether the use of such a checklist is appropriate in your workplace or jurisdiction.
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