Business Impact Assessment Template Questionnaire

Impact assessment questionnaires are used to obtain feedback from management teams on the operational function of their department. Use this questionnaire to identify dependencies with other departments and existing recovery plans. This digital template allows you to- Confirm your team's areas of responsibility to define the interdependent business units and processes.- Inform management of team plans that may require an updated BIA.

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Business Impact Assessment Template Questionnaire

Business Unit, Interdependencies and other Plans

Name of the department:

Name of the key personnel:

What other departments or teams build upon your work?

On what departments or teams does your team/department depend on?

Are there any risky times or seasonal trends that improve the workload of the unit?

Where is your workplace located?

Are there employees doing home-office?

Does the team have any significant plans in the next year? (moving office, losing/gaining functions or employees, changing the unit structure,...)

Are alternative or recovery methods ready for emergencies?

What is the function of your team?

Are all emergency plans in the office updated?


Any other recommendations/ suggestions:

Completed by (Full Name & Signature):