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7 steps of writing a project schedule

Save yourself and your team members time by drafting and presenting a clear project schedule before work begins, with an outline of required tasks as well as the division of labor between workes

As a manager, you’ll doubtless find yourself in charge of overseeing or proposing projects. Executing a successful project is much easier when you understand how to develop a project schedule. Planning the entire thing from start to finish and establishing accurate time estimates is essential.

The seven steps of project scheduling will ensure that you always end up with a thorough outline and can answer all stakeholder questions. You’ll also be able to divide all required work efficiently and ensure tasks are going to individuals best suited to completing them.

7 steps towards writing a project schedule

Project management involves a lot of moving parts and a lot of communication, which is where your project schedule is vital. Putting thought into who is responsible for what task and by when they should complete it streamlines communication and eliminates confusion. When division of responsibility is present from the beginning, work becomes much easier.

As useful as having a project roadmap that you can see to completion is, don’t discount the possibility that you may need to revise some things. A well-designed project leaves room for unexpected delays where possible, and factors in extra time so that expectations aren’t disappointed.

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