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Garantice la seguridad alimentaria, las normas de higiene y la calidad del servicio mediante el uso del software y la aplicación para restaurantes.
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Beneficios clave

Desde la app de higiene en un restaurante de Lumiform se crean automáticamente análisis e informes en profundidad para que puedas ver el progreso de todos las tareas asignadas. Además, puedes filtrar los resultados para identificar rápidamente las áreas más importantes. De esta manera te anticipas a los problemas y puedes solucionarlos incluso antes de que ocurran.

Al realizar las inspecciones con más frecuencia te aseguras de que todo funciona correctamente y de que cualquier desviación se corrige en el menor tiempo posible. Con la app para restaurantes de Lumiform resuelves los problemas hasta 4 veces más rápido asignando acciones correctivas a los compañeros de equipo.

Realiza inspecciones más rápidamente y detecta las posibles desviaciones antes de que ocurran. Con Lumiform puedes analizar todos los datos fácilmente e identificar las áreas más delicadas. De esta manera, ahorras tiempo y dinero: menos tiempo para hacer las auditorías y la documentación; y además ahorras dinero reduciendo los posibles accidentes, daños a la reputación y tiempo de inactividad.

Características principales
1. Crea formularios personalizados en pocos minutos

Elige entre más de 12.000 plantillas listas para usar, o crea tus propios y potentes formularios en un instante.

Realice inspecciones de forma eficiente a través de la intuitiva aplicación de inspección Lumiform. Esté donde esté, en línea o fuera de línea.

Formula observaciones, asigna acciones correctivas directamente a tus colegas y haz seguimiento de todo el proceso de resolución de problemas.

Comparta sus informes de inspección generados automáticamente directamente con todas las partes interesadas mientras analiza a fondo todos los datos.

Trabaja en colaboración en las acciones mientras registras las operaciones.

Programa y asigna las inspecciones para que se realicen de forma fiable y a tiempo.

Las notificaciones push, los correos electrónicos o los SMS recuerdan a tu equipo las inspecciones que hay que hacer.

Añade comentarios de texto y fotos durante una inspección.

Utiliza lógicas para guiar a tu equipo a través de cada inspección de forma estandarizada.

Personaliza tus informes para que se ajusten exactamente a tus necesidades.

Activa y asigna acciones automáticamente en función de la respuesta de un inspector.

Implica a socios externos en la resolución de la acción sin coste adicional.

Conecte Lumiform vía API a sus sistemas existentes.

Enhance Your Restaurant’s Health and Safety Protocols

Lumiform’s software for food quality and safety is a digital tool used in the restaurant industry by everyone from FOH managers, kitchen managers, and serving staff, to ensure that their restaurant’s food safety, hygiene and quality are up to standard, especially the standard expected in a HACCP audit. It is also used to determine if restaurant cleanliness and aesthetics meet regulatory and organizational standards.

Lumiform’s versatile app helps you maximize your restaurant’s potential with customized forms, pre-built templates, powerful data analytics and quick reports. Say goodbye to paper and pen, and maximize your workflow and efficiency with our Restuarant Inspection App.

Read on to learn more about the following topics:

1. The Issues With Relying on Pen and Paper

2. The Digital Path of Hygiene Controls in the Restaurant Industry

3. Three Features of Lumiform’s Restaurant Inspection App

Why Pen and Paper Are Not Reliable Inspection Tools

Performing paper-based audits and daily checks are very time-consuming and risk rendering inaccurate results. A written audit can contain upwards of twenty pages of information, all cluttered into a folder that takes up valuable desk or shelf space. As well, seeing as an auditor usually oversees several stores where he or she performs checks, having all of these documents can lead to information going missing or forgotten.

Even more time-consuming is the preparation of reports. Auditors usually need several hours to evaluate their collected data, attach photos from the inspection, and compile everything into an excel report. Once the reports were ready, they then need to be sent to managers and supervisors to be examined and used to implement improvements. This internal audit process is expensive, tedious, and hardly productive. Switching to Lumiform’s fully digital Restaurant Inspection App is an extremely practical solution that eliminates several of these aforementioned headaches which are the result of pen and paper.

The Digitization of Health and Hygiene Processes in the Restaurant Industry

To make your everyday work less stressful and save time on costly analyses, it is highly beneficial to digitize inspections and audits. A Restaurant Inspection App helps restaurant managers and auditors ensure thefood safety, hygiene and cleanliness of your restaurant through scheduled and routine inspections, all performed from the convenience of your mobile device or tablet. Regardless of its size or scale, switching to an inspection app is a step in the right direction. Due to the dynamic nature of restaurant operations, managers and staff need a flexible tool which can quickly adapt to changes and help perform routine tasks; Lumiform provides this much-needed support.

Let’s discuss how utilizing a digital app to perform your restaurant health inspections can improve overall success:

  • Ensures Food Safety and Quality
  • Feel confident that all of your food safety and quality regulations are met with Lumiform; we provide pre-built audit templates, checklists and corrective actions at your fingertips that ensure the food, beverages, and other items you’re serving are safe from contamination and meet quality standards. It helps to reduce the risk of food contamination with detailed checks that cover everything from temp checks to proper storage of perishable foods and guarantees that your facility is always in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

  • Enforces Standard Operating Procedures
  • Every successful restaurant adheres to effective standard operating procedures (SOPs). You can design SOP templates according to your restaurant’s guidelines and schedule routine checks and inspections for your staff through Lumiform’s app. Responsible employees are notified when they are assigned audits and inspections, and restaurant managers are notified when scheduled inspections are completed, or if they happen to be missed.

  • Ensures Regulatory Compliance
  • Regulations must be followed to ensure your employees are working in a safe and healthy environment. All staff must comply with sanitation requirements to ensure food served is safe, clean, and uncontaminated. Using an app to conduct regular food and sanitation inspections in the restaurant industry helps ensure your restaurant consistently meets regulatory requirements for the safety and well-being of your staff and to avoid fines and closures.

  • Promotes Overall Cleanliness
  • As you know, running a restaurant doesn’t end with maintaining food safety and sanitation standards. The cleanliness of your facility, including its structural and aesthetic condition, is paramount to providing your customers with a complete and enjoyable experience. Using the premade templates, or customizing one to your needs, guarantees that no space was missed during your inspections, meaning your restaurant should be sparkling clean and appealing to the eye, driving customer satisfaction and business as a whole!

Effortlessly conduct your inspections even when you’re offline, easily interpret reports and data through analytics, and ensure your restaurant is operating at its maximum potential with Lumiform, the only sanitation and food inspection app you need.

Three Highlights of Lumiform’s Restaurant Inspection App

In food inspection, regular documentation is vital to keep safety and quality standards high. At the same time, doing so means legal requirements can be measured and completely complied with. The collected data and documents can be transmitted very easily directly from the app to any responsible personnel during your inspections.

With Lumiform, you can meet the ever-increasing legal requirements for documenting processes easier than before with the mobile app via smartphone or tablet and let our intuitive system guide you through the entire processes. Clean, transparent documentation helps you avoid fines or other costly errors. Benefit from these features, as well as the ones listed below:

  1. Single Digital Forms
  2. The flexible form builder makes it possible to create new individual checklists for all areas of the restaurant, from the kitchen to the dining room and everywhere in between. They can be utilized for stocking the bar, doing kitchen inventory, and all cleaning tasks like bathroom checks and fridge hygiene. Whenever you want to ensure a job is thoroughly done, Lumiform is your answer.

  3. Faster Identification and Issue Resolution
  4. The data you collect during inspections is captured on the Analysis tab. You can access all the data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location and department. This way, you can quickly identify causes and problems so you can fix them as soon as possible, and focus on the important things like customer service and guest experience.

  5. Track Facility Inspections Over Time
  6. Monitor your team’s inspection performance and identify opportunities to improve the process and efficiency of your operation. By tracking your inspections, you’ll notice things that may have slid under the radar in the past that are actually harming the status of your restaurant, and can undo and correct these actions for the overall health of your establishment.

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