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Asegúrate de la correcta ejecución de los estándares operacionales de calidad de tu organización, clientes y proveedores. Disminuye defectos y aumenta calidad con nuestro Software de Auditoría de procesos.
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Beneficios clave

Mediante el uso de un software y app de auditoría de procesos, coordinarás eficientemente el personal de todos los niveles y áreas de la organización. Consigue que toda la organización asuma el compromiso de calidad y estandarización de procesos para evitar costos y defectos.

Obtén informes automáticos de todos los resultados obtenidos durante la auditoría de procesos, que pueden ser facilmente compartidos. Puedes personalizar los datos del informe para que refleje la información más relevante para tu empresa, y puedes incluir imágenes, realizar anotaciones, resaltar problemas e implementar soluciones.

La herramienta para crear formularios te permite adaptar cada una de las listas o plantillas a tus necesidades y a los requisitos legales de la industria a la que pertenece tu empresa. Al mismo tiempo, te aseguras de que todos los datos de las evaluaciones están siempre actualizados y al alcance.

Características principales
1. Crea formularios personalizados en pocos minutos

Elige entre más de 12.000 plantillas listas para usar, o crea tus propios y potentes formularios en un instante.

Realice inspecciones de forma eficiente a través de la intuitiva aplicación de inspección Lumiform. Esté donde esté, en línea o fuera de línea.

Formula observaciones, asigna acciones correctivas directamente a tus colegas y haz seguimiento de todo el proceso de resolución de problemas.

Comparta sus informes de inspección generados automáticamente directamente con todas las partes interesadas mientras analiza a fondo todos los datos.

Trabaja en colaboración en las acciones mientras registras las operaciones.

Programa y asigna las inspecciones para que se realicen de forma fiable y a tiempo.

Las notificaciones push, los correos electrónicos o los SMS recuerdan a tu equipo las inspecciones que hay que hacer.

Añade comentarios de texto y fotos durante una inspección.

Utiliza lógicas para guiar a tu equipo a través de cada inspección de forma estandarizada.

Personaliza tus informes para que se ajusten exactamente a tus necesidades.

Activa y asigna acciones automáticamente en función de la respuesta de un inspector.

Implica a socios externos en la resolución de la acción sin coste adicional.

Conecte Lumiform vía API a sus sistemas existentes.

Take Your Layered Process Audits to the Next Level

A layered process audit (LPA) is a quality control process that involves conducting multiple audits at different levels of an organization to ensure that all operation areas meet established standards and regulations. In simple terms, checking how well your company follows the processes and procedures is a process. This audit is done in different layers (hence its name), starting from top management, middle management, and lower-level employees. Each layer is audited separately with the help of different audit checklists.

The reason layered process audits are performed separately per department is to ensure that protocols are followed at all stages of the production process, and no critical details are overlooked by only completing one overall audit.

You and any responsible personnel have the ability to perform process audits using our digital software on your mobile devices and tablets, whether online or offline. The app can also be used for scheduling these LPAs and to assign and track corrective actions to make the process highly efficient and trouble-free.

Improving Your Inspection Process Through LPA Software

In every industry, a stable quality management system (QMS) plays a large part in its success. Outside of standard process audits, a layered process audit is particularly useful. Its purpose is to identify and correct any issues or deficiencies in the organization’s processes, procedures and systems before they lead to non-conformity or customer complaints. It’s a proactive approach that helps to improve the overall quality and performance of the company.

Solve problems that would potentially go unnoticed using just pen and paper to perform your LPAs. Below are some ways you can use Lumiform to improve your LPA practices:

  1. Synchronization Made Easy
  2. Ensure you and your team are up to date on all inspections performed and their results with Lumiform’s automatic synchronization feature. When a template is updated, all responsible users see the changes immediately, ensuring that everyone is using the latest version. Scheduling audits within the app shortens the time between planning and execution. Completed and pending reports, as well as corrective actions, are displayed and easily accessible to avoid duplication of effort.

  3. Versatile and User-Friendly Platform
  4. Download ready-made, multi-tiered process audit templates that you can use immediately. You can also easily customize these templates or drag and drop to create your own LPA using the software’s built-in tools. Customize the responses so you can capture the data you need. Use yes or no answers, multiple-choice questions, and additional instructions. You can add photos to each audit for reference, and use logic to show or hide items or choices as needed.

  5. Improved Tracking
  6. Regardless of your team’s size, Lumiform helps you track responsibilities. The built-in timestamp and timer in each inspection allow planners to see if audits have been completed on time. The web application also makes it easy to track which audits and corrective actions have been assigned to which person, and are in progress or completed.

  7. Real-time Visibility
  8. You can access all of your collected data through Lumiform’s web analytics. Filter by location, time, department, employees, templates and more to find the information you need, when you need it. Use the audit software to turn your LPA data into useful insights to visualize what is going well in your business and what areas need improvement. Automatically send and receive reports at the end of the audit to keep managers up to date.

  9. Unlimited Data Storage and Security
  10. Apart from easy access to your data from a mobile device or tablet, Lumiform can save you both money and space in your organization by leveraging unlimited cloud storage. You will no longer waste time manually sorting your paper stacks, or dealing with bulky file folders filling up your shelves. A well-executed, multi-step process audit will keep your business running at maximum capacity. Every LPA receives high-quality audit software from Lumiform.

Highlights of the Layered Process Audit App from Lumiform

Conducting your LPAs with speed and accuracy like never before by utilizing Lumiform’s easy-to-use platform for creating and conducting audits, analyzing results, and tracking corrective actions. By streamlining your process and providing pre-built audit templates and checklists, a more efficient and effective LPA process is created. Below are just a few of the many fabulous features that were covered in this article and that you can benefit from by downloading the Lumiform app today.

  • Individual Digital Forms
  • The flexible form construction kit makes it simple and quick to create new individual checklists at any time and to adapt them again and again.

  • First-Class Customer Service
  • Lumiform’s excellent support team will reliably answer any and all questions you may have in relation to the app and its tools. We are available 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday.

  • Scheduling and Notifications
  • Ensures that your schedule runs perfectly with Lumiform; all employees receive notifications about the procedures and their due dates. Managers automatically receive notifications when assignments are overdue or if problems have occurred.

  • Faster identification and resolution of problems
  • The data you collect from inspections is collected under the Analysis Tab. Here you can view your performance reports broken down by time, location and department. This helps you quickly identify causes and problems so you can fix them as soon as they’re brought to your attention.

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