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Determina fácilmente el valor de todo tipo de propiedad y genera informes automáticos con la app para tasar inmuebles de Lumiform. Todo lo puedes hacer desde tu smartphone o tablet gratis.
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Beneficios clave

Con la app Lumiform te aseguras de que todas las tasaciones se llevan a cabo diligentemente. La app automatiza y estandariza todo el proceso de tasación, permitiéndote capturar y ordenar todos los datos relevantes. Incluso puedes añadir fotografías, que son mucho más descriptivas que las palabras.

Con Lumiform, evita que los bienes sean indebidamente clasificados o que sus atributos no sean bien documentados. En caso de existir algún incidente, con tan solo un par de clics, la persona responsable recibirá una notificación con la instrucción de solucionar o verificar el incidente. Además, puedes ver el estado de asunto directamente desde tu smartphone o tablet.

Tras ingresar todas las observaciones y datos con tu móvil o tablet, un informe de resultados se genera automáticamente sobre el estado del inmueble. Puedes personalizar los datos del informe para que refleje la información más relevante y luego compartirlo con quien lo desees. También, puedes incluir imágenes, incidentes o soluciones, y las anotaciones que quieras.

Características principales
1. Crea formularios personalizados en pocos minutos

Elige entre más de 12.000 plantillas listas para usar, o crea tus propios y potentes formularios en un instante.

Realice inspecciones de forma eficiente a través de la intuitiva aplicación de inspección Lumiform. Esté donde esté, en línea o fuera de línea.

Formula observaciones, asigna acciones correctivas directamente a tus colegas y haz seguimiento de todo el proceso de resolución de problemas.

Comparta sus informes de inspección generados automáticamente directamente con todas las partes interesadas mientras analiza a fondo todos los datos.

Trabaja en colaboración en las acciones mientras registras las operaciones.

Programa y asigna las inspecciones para que se realicen de forma fiable y a tiempo.

Las notificaciones push, los correos electrónicos o los SMS recuerdan a tu equipo las inspecciones que hay que hacer.

Añade comentarios de texto y fotos durante una inspección.

Utiliza lógicas para guiar a tu equipo a través de cada inspección de forma estandarizada.

Personaliza tus informes para que se ajusten exactamente a tus necesidades.

Activa y asigna acciones automáticamente en función de la respuesta de un inspector.

Implica a socios externos en la resolución de la acción sin coste adicional.

Conecte Lumiform vía API a sus sistemas existentes.

The Best Software for Your Home Inspections Needs

Your property audits can be made easier with Lumiform’s home inspection software, which organizes everything from preparing you for the inspection to uploading and managing photos and reports. This comprehensive app provides an efficient way for you to perform your inspections effectively and efficiently while staying organized and able to communicate with other members of your team every step of the way.

There are various reasons for completing a home inspection – for instance, it is recommended to complete a rental walkthrough checklist before moving into or out of a rental property to ensure that the space is ready for you or the next person. A landlord inspection checklist is another example; if you own the property and want to guarantee that it is being properly maintained, completing this checklist would be a good indication. For these and other instances, forgo paper and opt for an efficient digital solution by using Lumiform.

Pen and Paper’s Limitations in Home Inspections

Using pen and paper slows down the inspection process, which, in turn, leads to decreased accuracy and effectiveness, and makes it difficult to keep track of important details. If something goes wrong with your paperwork or you have any other questions about the process, it can be tough to access this information quickly enough. By switching over to electronic forms or databases, you can streamline your inspection processes and ensure that everything is organized neatly for easy reference.

Going digital for your home inspections is best as it saves time and improves accuracy. In a traditional inspection, you would walk around the property with a checklist, making notes as you go. However, this method is prone to error as pen and paper are less efficient and flexible. By using Lumiform’s Property Inspection App, all of your data is entered in real time which eliminates these inaccuracies and allows for more efficient use of resources with fewer rounds of document review required.

If you are a landlord, for the sake of your client’s properties, home inspections are crucial, but very time-consuming and need extensive post-processing when done on-site with pen and paper. The findings and photographs acquired must subsequently be turned into a report in the office. When problems arise, they are initially recorded, and later notified to or assigned to responsible parties Lumiform eliminates the waiting game and records results instantly – something a pen and paper could never do.

Going Digital for Your Property Inspections

When it comes to your home appraisals, investing in a digital tool will save you an incredible amount of work. Using a mobile app like Lumiform to record your assessment of the physical condition of a property or building is invaluable.

You and your team can benefit from Lumiform’s Property Inspection App for more success in collaborative work, transparency, and process improvements. During your next audit, you will be able to utilize our uber-helpful and efficient tools like the form builder that lets you create a checklist from scratch that’s specific to the site you’re on, or customize one of our over 12,000 pre-made templates to fit your needs.

With the Property Inspection App, you’ll have instant access to information via your mobile device or tablet thanks to unlimited cloud storage – no matter where you are. There is also the option to filter the data by location, time, department, employees, and sites so that the information needed can be accessed without wasting time searching through filing cabinets or different inboxes.

Following your home inspection, you can choose to immediately forward a digital report in a number of formats to particular team members within your company. This makes it simpler for all parties to identify areas that required repair or that failed the inspection. It also serves as a means of early detection and prompt problem-solving.

Property inspections are extensive, detailed, and a lot of work for you and your team. If you have the right digital tool at your disposal, you can spend more time on the actual inspections and less time worrying about the follow-up.

Features of Lumiform’s Property Inspection App

You can quickly lay the groundwork for your appraisal with the help of Lumiform’s mobile software. The flexible form builder allows you to create new individual checklists at any time and adapt them again and again. The app easily guides you step-by-step through each of your checkpoints. There are also several other benefits worth highlighting, including:

  • Scheduling and Notifications
  • Ensures your schedule is met with Lumiform. All employees receive notifications about the procedure and due dates. Managers automatically receive notifications when assignments are overdue or issues have occurred. The Property Inspection App ensures each audit happens on time and successfully.

  • Faster Identification and Resolution of Issues
  • The data you collect during your inspections is captured under the Analysis tab. Here you can access all recorded information and view your performance reports broken down by specifics. This helps you quickly identify root causes and issues so you can fix them as quickly as possible.

  • Integrations
  • To automate the process of filling out your forms, you can easily combine any software solutions you may already be utilizing with the Lumiform app. This reduces the amount of time and money needed to transport data.

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