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Electrician App

Use this extremely powerful but remarkably simple Electrician App to complete all your team’s daily tasks error-free and more efficiently, saving time and money in the process. With Lumiform, you can bundle all important documents and tools — permits, wattage calculators, estimates — with ease, and let your team access them anytime, anywhere.
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Lumiform genießt das Vertrauen von führenden Unternehmen in allen Branchen

Wesentliche Vorteile

Mit Lumiform ist dein Prüfungsflow vollkommen dynamisch und nicht statisch wie bei Stift und Papier. Es ist nicht mehr notwendig, elektrische Inspektionen manuell zu planen. Der Lumi-Flow ermöglicht es dir, kontinuierlich neue Checklisten zu erstellen, einzelne Prüfungen zu ändern, neue Logiken hinzuzufügen sowie Aufgaben on-the-fly zuzuweisen. So optimierst du kontinuierlich deine Arbeitsabläufe.

Das Lumiform-System erstellt automatisch ein professionelles Übereinstimmungszertifikat oder COC, sobald du die Inspektion abschließt. Der Inspektionsbericht kann vollständig an deine individuellen Bedürfnisse angepasst werden und enthält alle Ergebnisse, Bilder, negativen Antworten und gemeldeten Probleme. Spare Zeit, indem du den Bericht aus der App sofort an Kunden verschickst.

Spare bis zu 50% Zeit bei der Durchführung von Inspektionen, indem du sie schneller durchführst. Fotos nimmst du direkt mit dem Tablet oder Smartphone auf und fügst sie an entsprechender Stelle hinzu. Korrekturmaßnahmen weist du direkt über die App an die verantwortlichen Personen zu. Alles, was sie benötigen, finden Elektroinspektoren mit Lumiform in einer App. Spare zusätzliche Zeit, indem du alle Daten sofort analysiert.

Verschaffen Sie sich einen Vorsprung mit gebrauchsfertige Vorlagen

Wichtigste Eigenschaften
1. Erstelle Formulare im Handumdrehen

Wähle aus über 12.000 gebrauchsfertigen Vorlagen aus oder erstelle im Handumdrehen deine eigenen leistungsstarken Formulare.

Führe Prüfungen effizient mit der intuitiven Lumiform App durch. Egal wo du bist - online oder offline.

Melde deine Beobachtungen, weise deinen Kollegen direkt Korrekturmaßnahmen zu und verfolge den gesamten Prozess der Fehlerbehebung.

Geben Sie Ihre automatisch erstellten Inspektionsberichte direkt an alle Beteiligten weiter und analysieren Sie alle Daten gründlich.

Arbeite gemeinsam an Maßnahmen, während alle Aktivitäten automatisch protokolliert werden.

Plane und weise Prüfungen zu, damit keine Inspektion vergessen wird.

Push-Benachrichtigungen, E-Mails oder SMS erinnern dein Team an bevorstehende Prüfungen.

Füge während einer Prüfung Textkommentare und Fotos hinzu.

Verwende Logiken, um dein Team auf standardisierte Weise durch jede Prüfung zu führen.

Passe deine Berichte an, damit sie genau deinen Bedürfnissen entsprechen.

Löse auf der Grundlage der Antwort eines Prüfers automatisch Maßnahmen aus und weise sie zu.

Beziehe externe Partner ohne zusätzliche Kosten in die Problemlösung ein.

Verbinden Sie Lumiform über API mit Ihren bestehenden Systemen.

What is An Electrician App?

Electricians are no strangers to hard work. They spend their days getting in and out of tight spaces, climbing ladders, and crawling under houses—all while carrying heavy tools and equipment on their backs. And when it’s time for their shift to end, the last thing they want to do is spend an hour filling out paperwork.

That’s where an electrician app comes in. An electrician application is a time-saving tool, software, or mobile app that helps electricians or their supervisors with all documentation tasks. It’s designed to assist them with all their essential day-to-day audits and manage their business remotely and efficiently, making their lives easier.

These tasks include:

  • Setting up work reminders and managing workload to track the time spent on projects, so you can bill accurately and get paid faster
  • Keeping track of paperwork, such as permits, materials, expenses, reports, invoices, estimates, and quotes, so hitting deadlines will never be an issue
  • Communicating with the team anywhere anytime
  • Sending and getting quotes and estimates from suppliers, clients, and employees in real-time
  • Taking photos and videos of the work that electricians are doing. This helps managers document their work and improve communication with clients
  • Managing customer accounts and invoices through the app’s database, which is easier than using a spreadsheet or other software
  • Geting push notifications about service calls coming up or waiting for approval from customers
  • Using features like geolocation to find nearby homes for new jobs, so electricians don’t waste time driving around looking for work when there are plenty of nearby homes that need their services

Why Do You Need an Electrician App?

As an electrician, manager, or business owner, you have a lot on your mind. You need to know, among many things, how much time customers will take up and whether or not they will be able to pay for the work you do.

There are also certain documents that need to be created and maintained on a regular basis. These include checklists, risk assessment forms, incident reports, etc. In order to manage all of these documents effectively, it is important that they be organized in some way so that they can easily be located when needed.

An electrician app will allow you to do just this by creating an all-in-one solution that makes accessing these documents simple and efficient.

In fact, the best electrician app can help you with all this by allowing you to keep track of your jobs and customers in one easy-to-access location.

Here are the other reasons why you need it:

  • Increased ROI
    According to BIA Advisory Services , small business owners that use mobile apps like free apps for electricians can increase productivity and receive high ROI.
    If you want your business to scale faster or you just want to manage multiple tasks, then an electrician app is a must-have. Companies that use such apps can reduce their operational costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and can have immediate access to vital data from anywhere at any time.
  • Remote Management
    The best electrician app today allows you to manage your employees more competently. This is especially useful if you have a large team working for you because it gives them all access to their own schedules from one location. This way, they don’t have to come into an office every day just so that they can check their schedule or submit their timesheets.
  • Accurate Tracking
    Your electrician app tracks costs and profit margins without a hitch. If there’s something wrong and things aren’t running smoothly, then it’ll be immediately apparent when looking at charts on the software program’s dashboard view.

What Features Are in the Best Electrician App?

  • When you’re looking for the best electrician app to download and use on your phone or tablet, it’s important to find features that give you the ability to:
    • Track your work by client and by task
    • Offer asset management and file/photo storage capabilities so nothing gets lost and everything is documented
    • Send invoices directly from the app
    • Automate email and SMS to stay connected with clients while also keeping them updated on their project status
    • Send or guide you on electronic payments through the app so customers can pay directly through their bank accounts or credit cards
    • Save time because it eliminates checks or cash payments altogether and you’ll get paid faster
    • Calculate and crunch numbers for faster delivery of estimates, including fuse and breaker sizes, circuit parameters, voltage rates, electrical unit converters, and many more.

    How Do I Make Most Out of the Electrician App I Downloaded?

    To make the most out of your electrician app download, you need to be clear about what specifics you want from it. You also need to keep things organized and have all of the right tools and materials accessible in your app, including any safety equipment and guidelines.

    Fortunately, this is what Lumiform offers in the suite of features in its electrician app. Here are more of the things you can get from its innovative solution:

    • Access to an Electricians‘ Handbook (ideally available through the app) – Lumiform allows you to upload your company’s comprehensive guide to electrical maintenance to its app for everyone in your team to access. This app will then be able to cover everything from electrical theory to installation techniques and troubleshooting tips, making it easy for the entire team to be on the same page.
    • Checklist of Your Safety Gear – Lumiform can offer a form builder tool to make sure your companies’ preventive measures for electricity-related tasks are met. Such a checklist will make sure companies can give their clients a clear idea of the safety concerns related to the project and all the relevant details included in the app.
    • Time Tracking and Billing Features – Lumiform’s app is designed to let managers know how much time it takes to do a task. It can track billable hours and expenses separately from non-billable costs. It also should be able to track all the miscellaneous expenses, including travel time and materials used on jobs where no money was charged to the client.
    • Accessibility Anywhere – Lumiform’s app makes sure electricians have their data easily accessible for every project they work on. This applies to both tasks that are for personal use around the house or on side jobs for friends and family members. Lumiform’s electrician app is designed to get a better sense of how long it takes for different tasks and what types of jobs take longer than others.
    • Comprehensive Features – The best electrician apps have features like a job calculator, automated auditing, appointment scheduler and customizable electrician forms. Lumiform made sure these features are included in its app to help contractors who want to streamline their business processes while still getting started.
      With Lumiform’s built-in quality check settings, you can avoid mistakes that cause even more expensive problems than what was originally present before using your electrician scheduling app.

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